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Estimate Your Earnings

Potential Monthly Income

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Potential Monthly Income

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Have a Japanese associated degree, expats from a Japanese speaking country, or a native Japanese speaker yourself.

2. Experienced in Japanese teaching

Japanese tutoring/teaching experiences or education associated certificates would be nice to have!

3. Want to be your own boss

Get paid to teach on your schedule!

4. Passionate about teaching

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    We match students to our tutors

    The tutors can get in touch with students, once they receive our match alerts.

    Have a chat with students before the lessons

    Using our messaging app, tutors are recommended to contact the students and understand their learning goals in order to prepare learning materials for the class.

    Log-on and start to teach

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    Student Requests
    Platform recommend best-fit tutors after students submit their requests

    Looking for Japanese tutors - Kids

    小孩快五歲,完全沒有日文基礎,但非常喜歡日本Tomica玩具,希望可以用這類的教材引起他的興趣Focusing on individual student's strength and requirements.Discuss and understand the objectives of the student before having lessons in Japanese.Provide feedback on the student's progress.


    Looking for Japanese tutors - Interview Preparation

    我在準備日文面試,想要立刻抱佛腳Ensure friendly and interactive way of learning that will encourage students to learn with passion.Schedule and carry out customized lessons in Japanese.Use diversified tutoring methods to ensure student's engagement.

    Interview Preparation

    Looking for Japanese tutors - Hobby

    想能基本對話跟50音Schedule and carry out customized lessons in Japanese.Ensure friendly and interactive way of learning that will encourage students to learn with passion.Scheduling lessons with individual students or small study groups. Tutoring students Japanese.


    Looking for Japanese tutors - Business

    想增強商業日語對話及商業日文信件翻譯能力Encouraging the students in their study process. Be able to implement interesting learning strategies.Establish good communication with parents (if teaching children) to periodically inform them about the progress of their child.Encouraging the students in their study process.


    Looking for Japanese tutors - Beginner

    2月之前能說出日語Focusing on individual student's strength and requirements.Share your knowledge and expertise in Japanese Continuously update Japanese teaching skills to suit current requirements.Inquire the motivation of the student behind learning Japanese. Make sure to be on the same page with student and his/her expectations.

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    In depth video training
    receive a full range of video resources to help you familiarize with how our platform works and ways to attract more students.
    Build you own league of teachers
    You can join one of our current organizations or create your own league of teachers! Continue to build your league and make money from other teachers’ lessons.
    AmazingTalker Online Japanese Teachers
    • JAPANESE for FUN
      5・2 Reviews

      Hello. I am a native Japanese teacher. I provide beginner and Intermediate Japanese Courses. Also, I can provide lessons customized to your liking. Please let me help you on your journey to becoming a​ professional in Japanese.

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      JAPANESE for FUN
    • Rie

      Waseda Uni and Harvard uni.
      4.99・618 Reviews

      Hello, I'm Rie from Tokyo, I taught more than 3000 classes here. Class example here. My Japanese accent is Tokyo's one.  I studied IT including education on the internet in Japan and US. 

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      Waseda Uni and Harvard uni.
    • 早稻田日語碩士/N1滿分/情境會話
      5・1338 Reviews

      您好,我是中日雙母語的りつか老師,您是否有以下的困擾呢? 【一】聽說讀寫發展不均衡,對自己的口說與聽力沒有自信 【二】對日文文法感到困惑,經常會疑惑「A與B意思究竟有什麼不一樣」 【三】想快速考過檢定 【四】想學習如商業日語等專業知識 以上問題都可以交給我來幫您解決!日語專業的老師可以深入淺出地帶您了解日語的奧妙,快來和我一起學習日語的有趣之處吧!

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    • ⭐️経験豊富 /有資格プロ講師
      5・21 Reviews

      *有資格のプロ講師!Available in English:) *1500以上の授業経験有り *JLPT合格者多数 *Free talking(No.1人気レッスン) *ビジネス日本語(リピートする生徒多数) *面接対策(大学入試面接合格!会社面接合格!) *生活日本語...(日本人ネイティブの自然な日本語!) 何でもOK!!気軽にリクエストしてくださいね。

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      ⭐️経験豊富 /有資格プロ講師
    • 有趣/自由/最滿足你的需求👍
      4.98・315 Reviews


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    • Roy@在日北海道大学大学生

      5・27 Reviews


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    • Business / Writing
      4.91・32 Reviews

      My lesson includes ① Beginner ② Business ③ Creative writing ④ Daily conversation ⑤ Japanese for Vegan

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      Business / Writing
      4.91・32 Reviews
    • 22歳大手企業就職★真の実力派
      4.99・513 Reviews

      日常会話ができない?ビジネス日本語が知りたい? 早くるる先生と一緒に未来の扉を開こう いつやるの?今でしょ!!m9(るる先生)

      Read More
    • ヲタクde学ぼう!( ¯•ω•¯ )✧
      4.5・2 Reviews

      初めまして、自分は荘(そう)と申します、日本好きのヲタク台湾人です。 小さい頃からゲームとかアニメとか好きで、来年はゲームデザインを学ぶために日本へ留学しに来ます。 日本語は自学ですか、一応N1は通過しています、もし必要があるなら中国語でサポートすることもできる。 もし僕と同じアニメ、ゲーム、漫画または小説が好きで、それらを学習に持ち込みたい、あるいは自分の発音を改善したいが、また完全な日本語会話が苦手、それともただのんびりで日本語を勉強したいなら、僕の日本語レッスンを試してみてください。

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      ヲタクde学ぼう!( ¯•ω•¯ )✧
      4.5・2 Reviews
    • 初級、会話を練習したい方大歓迎
      5・11 Reviews


      Read More

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    Average Japanese tutor prices in different countries
      Q1:What are the requirements to be an online Japanese tutor on AmazingTalker? Can it be my part-time job?

      As long as you have Japanese teaching experience, you can apply to become a Japanese teacher on AmazingTalker. Even if you have a full-time job, feel free to utilize your spare time to make some extra money.
      Q2:Do I need to prepare my own teaching material?

      At AmazingTalker we believe that the most effective way of tutoring is to provide customized teaching materials to each student based on their learning goals. Hence, all teachers will need to prepare their own teaching materials.
      Q3:After becoming a Japanese tutor on AmazingTalker, how do I set the price for my lessons?

      Every Japanese teacher uses different strategies in setting his/her own tuition fees. According to our stats, most Japanese teachers charge US$15 - 28 per 50 mins for private lessons. and US$6 - 10 per 25 mins on trial lessons. Once you are accepted at AmazingTalker, we will provide comprehensive training on how to set your tuition fee.
      Q4:How do I apply for a leave? And how is it granted?

      Students can book lessons 24 hours in advance. When you or your student wishes to cancel a scheduled lesson, cancellation needs to be made 12 hours in advance.
      Q5:How do I get paid?

      All teachers on AmazingTalker are paid on a monthly basis.
      Once a lesson is successfully completed, your tuition fee will be accrued to your income balance and payments will be made on the 2nd of every month. You have the option to use PayPal, TransferWise or Payoneer.
      Q6:What are the fees?

      AmazingTalker charges 0-15% fee on the tuition fee you set. However, the more you earn, the less we will charge - please refer to our “income calculation” guideline.
      The fee covers:

      • 1. free publication of your profile.
      • 2. free boost in exposure from social media ads and AmazingTalker.
      • 3. free automated student-matchmaking service.
      • 4. the use of AmazingTalker service.
      • 5. collection and transfer of fares.
      • 6. credit card commission.
      • 7. distribution of invoices to clients.
      Q7:What if I have more questions?

      Our FAQ page will have answers to most of your questions. The FAQ page is located at the bottom of the AmazingTalker website. If you cannot find the answer to your question on the FAQ page, you can contact us here.

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