Study Russian for travel online with the best Russian tutor

Study Russian for travel online with the best Russian tutor

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  • General | Business Russian
    ✔️ graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University (Master's degree in teaching Russian as a foreign language, diploma with Honours) ✔️ individual approach (I take into account the needs and interests of each student) ✔️ communicative method ✔️ work experience in online training (I work at the St. Petersburg language school)
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  • 16 years of experience
    Learning to speak, to read, to understand and to write. Consideration of students' needs of all levels and of all ages. Introduction to Russian culture. Use of modern computer technologies and applications, visual aids, audio-, visual materials.
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  • Passionate teacher
    Hello there! Studying with me has following advantages: - Improvement of listening and speaking skills - Has a degree in foreign affairs field - Ready to help with TORFL (Test of Russian as a Foreign Language) - Able to provide lessons in English and a bit of Japanese too
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  • Teach in Korea
    Russian can be Easy! 📍 Russian and English Teacher in South Korea 📍 2+ years of Teaching Experience 📍 Conversational level in 3 months 📍 Materials are provided for free 📍 Bachelor of Business Administration 📍 I am a Native Russian Speaker
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  • Chengchi /7 years/TORFL 2
    1. Lecturer in Providence University  Lecturer of Basic Russian  Curriculum Design  Russian Culture Lecture 2. Russian language & Culture Tutor  Online teaching on HiTutor  Language School Teacher  Long-term one by one tutor 3. Translation  Russian Translation-REEBONZ Websites
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  • online expert
    Russian teacher with 5+ years of exp\teaching online from absolute beginner to advanced\practice using online plafrorm\ different textbooks\ business Russian\Russian in dialogues for intermediate. Not sure about your level or how to study Russian? Book a trial and let's start!
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  • Rock-n-Russian
    👩🏻‍🏫 Qualified RFL teacher 📚 350 hours of Teaching RFL program 📝 University Degree in Journalism 💕 Bilingual 🧘‍♀️ Patient and friendly teacher 🎭 Encouraging creativity and personal expression 🗣Real Russian from the first hand
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  • 💥 All levels 💥
    👍 Experienced teacher and native Russian speaker 🇷🇺 👓 Fluent English 🚀 From 0 level to Advanced within 100 hours 👍 You will speak basic Russian from DAY 1 🚩Graduated from MIIT, faculty of Linguistics 👍 Individual approach to all students 😁 Fun and friendly classes
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  • See you in the class! 🙂
    🌟 Certified Russian Teacher 🇷🇺 🌟Speaks English (Advanced) 🌟Expert at Beginners🌠Speak Russian 🇷🇺 from DAY 1 🌟Native from Russia 🌟 Business Russian – 👩‍⚖️10 years Lawyer💼Russian Language Podcaster🌐 🌟 Fun, friendly classes
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  • Professional Russian teacher
    Increased confidence in teaching students/helped many students/I’m your guy to help you with everything you need/ I’m working on all aspects of language: reading, writing, listening and speaking/ feel free to contact me, I’m looking forward to meeting you)
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  • 俄语:从一开始
    俄语:从一开始 我的母语是俄语. 我住在俄罗斯。 我在大学学习教育学,所以我确切地知道如何教授语言。 最近我开始在网上教俄语。 我可以为您提供以下内容: 从一开始的语言 语言练习 俄语语法 对话式演讲 我使用自己的教材和出版社的书籍 我有为外国人教学的经验
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  • 10yrs international experience
    My primary purpose is to assist my students in improving their language skills and confidence while encouraging them to be open to new ideas. I will be happy to help you achieve your goals in the study of spoken English and Russian, as well as in the study of culture, business Russian and business English.
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  • Oral | Grammar
    🙋5+years of teaching experience 👩‍🎓‍Master of Language and Literature 👩‍🏫International Russian Language Teacher Certificate 🌟Worked as a language teacher in Irkutsk National Research Technical University 📋Trilingual translator for 6+years ❤️Develop VIP course services for each student based on their characteristics
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  • Intensive 16 hours course
    3 years of the experience of teaching Russian , own methodology, different courses Graduated in Methodology of teaching languages/ English and then Russian very communicative, proactive and I always try to find an individual path to each of my students.
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  • Exam preparation+speaking
    Hello! My name is Marina. I’m from Russia. I’ve been an English and Russian teacher for 13 years now. Problem-based learning and gamification are my most preferable methodologies. I adore reading and I use various stories for making the subject easier. You’ll never sleep at my lessons!))
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  • Conversation
    Personal program for international students__________________________________ A lot of interesting and quality material______________________________________ 5+ more years of teaching foreign languages ______________________________ Master degree
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  • Conversation|General Russian
    👩‍🏫NATIVE Russian teacher 👩‍🏫 🌳I'll help you to survive in Russian Grammar Forest and achieve your goals 💪 🇷🇺Russian by songs, books, drawings, and games🇷🇺 ✏️ Checked 300+ essays and tests✏️ Language Arts Major👩‍🏫
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  • AUT Grad/3 years experience
    Privet! Привет! I'm Anastasia and i moved to New Zealand. I love teaching 😊 I have helped students to increase confidence in speaking and to learn basic conversational Russian & English. I love my language and culture and love teaching it to others even more! So let's take a trip and explore the amazing Russian language together!
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  • Learn Russian with me ;)
    Hi! I can be your Russian teacher. I live in Moscow all my life so I can teach you to speak CLEAN, BEAUTIFUL and MODERN Russian. You will be amazed at how quickly and easy you are able to start talking, reading and writing in Russian. My lessons are fun and well structured. We will talk, read and even play games. I can not wait to start! See you!
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  • Russian with native speaker
    Hi, my name is Olga! And i am certificated Russian language online teacher! During the lesson we will do different exercises, study new grammar, learn new words and of course try to converse on various topics in Russian! I will teach you the most common words, expressions and idioms!
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