Tuyen Tran
Tuyen Tran

Tuyen Tran

  • Vietnamese tutor、Mandarin Chinese tutor、Chinese tutor

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Tuyen Tran
Tuyen Tran

Tuyen Tran

  • Vietnamese tutor、Mandarin Chinese tutor、Chinese tutor

  • Speaks

    English、Vietnamese、Mandarin Chinese、Chinese

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    Viet Nam

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Hello everyone, 朋友們你好! I'm Tuyen, from Saigon, currently residing in Taiwan to pursue higher education. 我叫清漩,西貢人,我現在在台灣讀書。 I've been teaching Vietnamese full-time for over one year. My students range from Elementary to Advance and are aged between 8 to 71 years old! 我已經教了一年多全職越南語,學生程度是從初級到高級,年齡從8歲到七十一歲的。 Since my mother tongue is Vietnamese, I am confident that I can handle most of the topics in Vietnamese. The fact that I am 100% Saigonese helps me teach things well in both Southern&Northern Accent, the choices are all yours. (But believe me, Southern way of speaking Vietnamese is so much easier :P) 我的母語是越南語,所以我相信我可以幫助你們在任何的越南語領域。 由於我從小到大都在西貢,一個100%西貢人的我,南部北部口音我都可以教得好。(可我還是覺得南部口音比較簡單點 :P) I'm also teaching Chinese and English outside the office now. So let's say they're just basic Chinese for communication & English for kids. 我沒有上班的時候會去給有需求的人教英文和中文。我主要教兒童英文和對話中文。 I'm fluent in English and Mandarin Chinese. I'm holding a Bachelor Degree in Finance and Banking. Also, I'm having in my hand a TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of different Languages) certificate; a TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) certificate; a TOCFL (Test of Chinese as a Foreign Language) certificate. 我可以講英文和中文比較流利的,我是大學畢業,已經得到一些中文的英文能力證書。 In teaching, I'm a patient and funny person. I used from 70% to 99% Vietnamese in my class depends on students' knowledge of Vietnamese. I believe that avoiding using other languages besides Vietnamese is one of the quickest ways to help students advancing their level! 教學的時候我都很耐心,也很开朗。取決於學生的程度,我會用從百分之七到百分之九的越南語。因為我相信,避免使用其他的語言,必須要用越南語才是進步最快的方式之一!

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  • Kiki Su


  • Kiki Su

    根據學生需求提供老師自製教材,都整理得很好,上課筆記也都會提供。 這節課上的是單子音跟單母音,雖然之前看過youtube的教材,但有些音聽起來很像,透過老師說明差異和反覆示範,以及讓我反覆練習發音,解惑許多,非常謝謝老師。

  • 葉俐利


  • Rohan

    Tuyen對課程的設計很有規劃,按照學生的學習進度,一步一步很有系統地教授,非常非常適合初學者學習!cảm ơn!

  • Rohan

    cám ơn em:) 老師的講解很清楚,尤其時發音上的差別,對初學者來說非常有幫助! 若想打好基礎,穩步扎根學越語,非常推薦Tuyen Tran老師的課:)


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