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Hello everyone, I am Chi. I am a passionate language teacher who wishes to teach motivated learners Chinese/English, as well as for those who wish to find an ideal private tutor to help them pursue their specific learning objectives. Leaning a language could be interesting and delightful. Let's get ready to embark on our language journey and have fun together! As a language lover and learner at all time and now in the process of learning French, I know how it's like to learn a new language. If you are not new to learn Chinese/English but eager to improve your 4 language skills or just start as a curious beginner, I am confident to provide you a real-life usage and interest-based lessons. I am a qualified and experienced teacher, specializing in teaching Chinese and English for more than 7 years, to students of all ages. I'm here to offer you a communicative and interactive approach that will help you make faster progress, with more fun when learning Chinese and English. My lessons would be less about book knowledge that you can Google yourself, but more about topics that are close to your life. During the lesson, listening and speaking activities are highly conducted for better learning result. By having you gain exposure to comprehensive samples of language and providing you chances to play with and communicate with the language yourself in a relatively safe way are the center of my work. Moreover, reading and writing skills will be given based on the individual's learning needs. With emerging job opportunities, the demand for learning Chinese and English have gone up dramatically for business opportunity and personally reasons. I have the enthusiasm to ensure that these lessons are hugely successful.

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  • anonymous

    短期間要考雅思,可是老師真的把這件事當自己的是一樣很認真的準備教材,甚至連不是上課的時間,都回答我的問題,而且老師本身也教書,時間更是難擠,卻還是很認真準備,真的不是隨便哪個素材套在學生身上交差了事,尤其本人屬於鑽牛角尖記憶力又差類型,問題一堆然後單字念好幾次都還念錯,老師也還是很有耐心提醒一次又一次。My appreciation is beyond expression!!

  • 陳加零


  • 陳加零

    老師很有耐心,上課內容很詳細,重要是很在乎你的目標方向,而不是隨便上完 就好,很負責任!!!!!

  • 陳加零



Rui-Guang Elementary School,Pingtung City

1. English teacher 2. Class trip to Georgetown Elementary Sister School - Michigan, USA 3. Lead training teacher for "sister school" collaboration project 4. Participated in GVC (global virtual classroom) contests – USA

Heng-Shan Elementary School, Sanzhi District, New Taipei City

1. English teacher for 6 years 2. Class teacher for 4 years, teaching Chinese, English and Mathematics 3. Participated in GVC (Global Virtual Classroom) contests - USA 4. Education topic for school, exchange visit - Macau, Hong Kong

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