Happy to Learn English

Hi , How are you. I am going to share with you my memories and learning experience with my Teacher Fri in Amazing Talker. She is from Philippine I like travelling and my favorite hobby is travelling . Hence i like to travel throughout the world.
I have traveled many countries like Thailand ,Malasia,Bangladesh , Dubai, india and Maldves.when i travel countries i realised the importance of English . There fore i began to learn English my self.But i had a shy and lack of confidence to speak in English.Therefore i found a place where i can practice in English. Then i knew about amazing talker and my loving teacher friney. She always encourage me to speak in english. We have discussed about various topics such as Travelling , cultures, Economics ,people and so on. I think now i can speak english than before. i Should thanks teacher Fri and i wish her life. Thank you very much Amazing talker

Teacher in the story

English Master Teacher
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