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wrote toThe writer of Thai Conversation for travel🥇Free lessons book !! Conversation- Alphabet - Reading

2024/05/28 17:19
She is the native speaker of Thai. She shares the enthusiasm of teaching Thai with the foreign student. She uses the professional Thai material for teaching Thai pronunciation. She makes the meaningful progress for teaching daily conversation in Thai in her class. She is willing to make the continued student experience improvements across her classes.

wrote toครูชิว ไทยจีน

2024/05/19 14:22
I highly recommend Kru Fuqiu, she can explain everything in fluent Chinese/ English, and she helped me expand the Thai vocabulary and apply to real life circumstances. She is also a very diligent and professional teacher, will continue to learn from her.

wrote toNatt🔥Enjoy Thailand and learn Thai🏆Easy to speak in one class

2024/05/19 12:47
Today we learn some new vocabulary about the buddhism and I try to talked the famouse movice on Netflex "Satu". Althought It's a little bit challanging for me, becase the serise have 8 episode and many roles in this movie. But it's intersting I can try to tell the story in my own word.

wrote toครูชิว ไทยจีน

2024/05/18 14:09
Teacher teaches thai with a system easy to understand. Had learn how to introduce myself and ask general question like name and origin in a conversation on my trial lesson. Highly recommended.

wrote toKitiya🏆M.Ed✈️JAL ex-crew📚20 years teaching experience🏆Cert. Thai to foreigners

2024/05/17 02:26
Had another awesome lesson with Kiti. Currently in the creating sentences phase and learn to respond more. I'm so happy and excited and I always look forward to my lessons with Kiti. Can't wait to get further and further to my goals on this journey with Kiti.

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wrote toThe writer of Thai Conversation for travel🥇Free lessons book !! Conversation- Alphabet - Reading

2024/05/15 18:00
lesson was very productive she provided a lot of interesting materials which greatly aided in the improvement of my pronunciation, also gave me a lot of useful phrases to learn for beginners - highly recommended ! thank you

wrote toMOS🥑Private Thai Tutor

2024/05/05 15:48
Today we learned about the words for occupation. I found that each vocabraly was consisted of some languages and the teacher's explanation helped me to remember the words. The examples were easy to understand as always! Sorry for I didn't take the lesson for the long time...I'll try to keep studying Thai . Kob khun ka

wrote to 😊 Khat🌈 Your Guide to Fluent Thai 😊

2024/05/01 12:36
Attending Kruu Khat's online classes is always a delight! She fosters an engaging atmosphere and consistently motivates me to converse more in Thai. Her personalized approach, catering to each individual's preferences and requirements, makes every lesson something to eagerly anticipate. Highly recommended to learn Thai language with kruu Khat :)

wrote to🦉Teacher Piroon aka Kruu Owl🦉

2024/04/26 21:59
Kru Piroon was a very caring and patient teacher. She really helped me prepare for my trip to Thailand. She challenged me just enough with reading and writing as well, which I had not planned but really glad we did it. I really appreciate everything she has taught me from vocabulary, idioms, and Thai social norms. She uses creative teaching tools which keeps the classes engaging. I highly recommend her!!

wrote toMOS🥑Private Thai Tutor

2024/04/19 04:59
I just had a trial class with Mos khun and it was great and very fun he was able to conduct a lesson in short time and i learned a lot about the Thai language grammar structure like vowels and pronouncation and i also learned some basic phrases like greetings and saying your name and age as well and i also learned a bit of the thai culture too, he seemed enthusiastic on teaching thai. In the end he also explained to me how his lesson are and what materials he uses to teach and he also catered to my needs and provided a solid learning plan for me in terms of my goals,needs and level, i really think he will be a great tutor and fun to learn thai with.

wrote to🔥Mook🔥🥇🏆Ex-Crew ✈️ Pronunciation & Conversation🏆🥇

2024/04/10 22:32
Kru Mook is very enthusiastic and passionate about teaching. I feel so happy talking to her and learning at the same time. Learning has been fun and casual, not stressful. She has a happy vibe. There are feedback and notes after class to improve as well, looking forward to more classes.

wrote to🦉Teacher Piroon aka Kruu Owl🦉

2024/04/10 00:22
Kruu Piroon is a very nice teacher! I took 20 lessons starting as a beguinner in order to be able to start conversation with native thai persons. She taught me a lot and each lesson was different, a new topic was given. She also adapt the classes to my situation which is very nice. I am happy to had this experience, it was very efficient. I highly recommand Kruu Piroon if you want to learn Thai :) Khob Kun maak krap Kruu Piroon is a very nice teacher! I took 20 lessons starting as a beguinner in order to be able to start conversation with native thai persons. She taught me a lot and each lesson was different, a new topic was given. She also adapt the classes to my situation which is very nice. I am happy to had this experience, it was very efficient. I highly recommand Kruu Piroon if you want to learn Thai :) Khob Kun maak krap Kruu Piroon is a very nice teacher! I took 20 lessons starting as a beginner in order to be able to start a conversation with native Thai persons. She taught me a lot and each lesson was different, a new topic was given. She also adapts the classes to my situation which is very nice. I am happy to had this experience, it was very efficient. I highly recommend Kruu Piroon if you want to learn Thai :) Khob Kun maak krap, Pierre

wrote toKruJin 🚀Thai for Kids and Beginners✨

2024/04/07 01:03
KruJin is very patient and always listen to me attentively. I would recommend her to any beginners. I also take Thai group classes,but find it not as efficient. And I feel with Kru Jin, I can improve very quickly my oral expressions and feel more and more confident! Thank you!

wrote toNat ✨Specialize in THAI for Beginners🌷優質老師 ⚡️10年+教學經驗 🔥

2024/04/06 13:58
Have been learning Thai with Kru Nat for more than a year. Even though I didn't have much time to review what I've learned every lesson, my Thai, especially listening and speaking improved quite a lot. Every lesson was interesting and I could learn the phrases and vocabs that are used in daily life naturally throughout the course.

wrote to🍭Candy 👑🌏Fun 🏆English, 🔥⭐️Daily Conversation⭐️🔥

2024/04/05 13:23
Very good way of giving lessons, in a clear way and very personalized for all kind of people learning level. I appreciate the attitude during the lessons, as it motivates to learn and continue with the course.

wrote to🌸Lana🌸 Talk Thai For Beginner 🌈..Fun Learning ..🌈

2024/03/23 00:43
khru lana is very a good teacher, i love how she is so very patient towards my learning for the first time. The best part she also prepare some materials during the learning so you can refer through the session

wrote to🍭Candy 👑🌏Fun 🏆English, 🔥⭐️Daily Conversation⭐️🔥

2024/03/07 10:15
Having encountered the most patient and kind teacher feels like having found a mental doctor for my academic journey. This educator's unwavering support and compassion create a nurturing environment that fosters not only academic growth but also emotional well-being. The teacher's patience mirrors that of a dedicated mental health professional, providing guidance and understanding during challenging times. This unique blend of academic mentorship and empathetic care contributes significantly to a positive and enriching learning experience. In the intricate tapestry of education, having such a teacher is akin to discovering a crucial support system that goes beyond textbooks, influencing both intellectual and emotional aspects of one's development.

wrote toKaren คาเรน 🇹🇼🇹🇭 Learning Thai with Systematic Approach

2024/02/20 10:01
I am a beginner with no prior experience in learning Thai, and I started taking lessons with Karen on AmazingTalker due to work requirements. Karen is truly warm and patient, guiding me through every word with encouragement. She tailors the lessons according to the individual needs of the students, which I appreciate greatly. I am thankful to have such a dedicated teacher who has not only made learning Thai an enjoyable experience but has also boosted my confidence in reading the language. I highly recommend Karen to anyone looking for a supportive and effective Thai language teacher.

wrote toPrae 📍 Native Thai Speaker

2024/02/19 23:44
We are now looking at some words with silent consonants 🥸 Kruu Prae told me that we should try to remember these words because it s almost impossible to write them down correctly simply by listening to the pronunciation. I haven’t done much revision lately and I guess I should try harder instead of giving myself so many excuses not to study or review what I have learnt 🥹🥹🥹 📝📝📝 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

wrote toLearn Thai easy with Kruu Sun ✨✨

2024/02/16 05:28
I learnt a lot of new and useful Thai words in the lesson. Kruu Sun is very patient and friendly. He will spend time to explain some grammar or words that I don’t know. Also, I have a lot of chances to speak in the lesson.

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