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wrote toYuri Garcia

2020/01/03 16:47
Yuri is well prepared with a ppt to teach travel Portuguese. And he can cite many examples to answer questions.

wrote toMarcio 馬爾修 M.

2019/12/15 14:48
Great teacher with passion!

wrote toMarcio 馬爾修 M.

2019/11/27 10:29
Marcio is nice and I have learnt a lot from his class.

wrote toMarcio 馬爾修 M.

2019/11/14 15:56
We had a wonderful lesson together with music, reading, and discussion. Thank you for being such a motivated and enthusiastic teacher! See you soon!

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wrote toFranklin Singer Batista

2019/11/13 15:34
good teaching and response~

wrote toBebel Y

2019/11/13 15:33
very comfortable communication, speak good Eng. and Portuguese

wrote toDolayve Rafael

2019/11/13 14:44
good teaching and response

wrote toVanda Jorge

2019/11/13 12:32
Always enjoy our class. Vanda is a very good teacher!

wrote toVanda Jorge

2019/10/22 13:18
Vanda is very friendly and always makes sure I can understand before we move on. Today was my first lesson and I learnt the Portuguese alphabets with Vanda's own notes. It is very helpful! Thank you very much!
I have completed basic pronunciation with Choi within class! It’s very effective and I gain more confidence on reading ‘signs’ or ‘menu’ for my future travels;)

wrote toBebel Y

2019/07/29 16:30
Nice teacher!🥰🥰

wrote toChoi Weng Kuan 蔡泳君

2019/07/07 11:02
Very good teacher, understanding n helpful.

wrote toMarcio 馬爾修 M.

2019/06/17 14:29
Very good teacher. Willing to help what I want to learn. Very understanding!

wrote toCatarina Morais

2019/04/23 07:56
I had a good time with Catarina, she gave me some general ideas about Portuguese which mean quite useful , and let me have more about this lanuage , very nice !

wrote toMarcio 馬爾修 M.

2019/03/17 04:49
I learned a great deal under his teaching!

wrote toLuara Conrado 宁静月

2018/08/01 14:10
So nice teacher to teach me Portuguese!!

wrote toLuara Conrado 宁静月

2017/06/03 14:36
friendly to teach me how to say greetings in Portuguese

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