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wrote toHyunseung Cho

2019/04/01 21:40
Thank you, I had a lot of fun. Looking forward to next time.

wrote to金老師 (Kim)

2019/03/31 05:42
It's comfortable to learn Korean with Teacher Kim! Sincerely recommend!

wrote toJoy

2019/02/22 08:43
The teacher is awesome, she can teach Korean depending on my needs. She is good at customizing lessons. She also provides me a lot of Korean textbooks, they are useful! Joy is patient! Thanks.

wrote toKisu

2019/02/15 04:32
Clear explanation with fully patience~ great learning time!!

wrote toKisu

2019/02/01 05:36
very Kind teacher! :)

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wrote toJoy

2019/01/14 11:05
The teacher is very friendly and professional!!Today,we are going to introduce myself.Sooo excited!I really enjoy it ~recommenced for everyone ❤️❤️❤️❤️

wrote toJoy

2018/12/14 01:09
very smart, friendly and talkative. looking forward to book more classes with Joy~

wrote toJenny

2018/11/11 06:28
Always thank you!~

wrote toSanghwa L.

2018/09/17 09:19
The teacher is very good!

wrote toJongHyeon Park

2018/09/13 13:36
ok!!Thank you, teacher~~~

wrote toKisu

2018/09/10 07:27
Very nice lesson

wrote toSanghwa L.

2018/04/19 10:32
Sanghwa is a great teacher. We practiced grammar points and speaking together. Patient and good explanation. I recommend her.

wrote toYujin Shin

2018/02/23 10:48
Yujin 씨 has proved herself to be an exceptional good teacher. She uses her professional teaching skills to learn about a student's level and tailor a plan to suit the student's needs. I highly recommend her to anyone who is serious about learning Korean.

wrote toJongHyeon Park

2018/02/22 11:05
It was an easy and comfortable session with Park Jong Hyeon. He is friendly and cheerful and is passionate about the topics we chose to speak on.

wrote toJongHyeon Park

2018/02/16 15:32
Thank you for trying your best to teach and explain the meaning. It's good to learn what local people say in their daily life.

wrote toJongHyeon Park

2018/02/13 14:52
Thank you for your teaching

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