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wrote to🎖️🇰🇷Unlock the secrets of the Korean language with the 🥇1 native teacher, ✨ Kihoon ✨

02/06/2023 16:18
I enjoy my lesson time with Kihoon as always. Although I felt tired due to sleep deprivation, i still managed to be productive and energetic as always. 같이 얘기하면서 좋은 시간을 보냈어요 Learning Korean with Kihoon has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and I enjoy every single lessons I have with him😁 Today was a productive and fun lesson as always 🤗❤️ 기훈 우리 함께 열심히 노력해서 한국어가 영원히 지속되도록 해요~😋 let’s work hard together and make Korean last forever 😍🥰 Love you best friend 항상 응원할게요❣️😄 곧 만나요 내 친구 😎

wrote to20% off🔥 Garam💜Native Korean🙋🏻‍♀️ Bachelor of Korean Education💜

02/06/2023 12:27
Thank you Garam! At the beginning of class, I had computer troubles that took awhile. But yet, she still waited for me and we still had class. She gave me some homework that I am excited to do. Thank you again, Garam!

wrote toTutor Lena🥇Translater/Interpreter🏆Teach in ENG/CH

02/06/2023 09:07
Ms. Lena is a great fit for both my girls who are beginners and pretty much know little about Korean. Ms. Lena was excellent in keeping my girls engaged and motivated in their first class (they had separate classes with her). I also loved that she provided materials for practice and gave feedback about their learning progress. My little one is 7 years old and she also seemed to be very patient with little kids. Both my girls are really looking forward to their next Korean lesson with Ms. Lena.

wrote to🇰🇷🥇Yewon🌿 REAL Korean💡Korean without giving up🔥

02/06/2023 08:55
I can't believe I have finally made it to level 2!!! I am so excited to start this new level! With Yewon's help my Korean has improved 1000000% and I am just so excited to learn new things.

wrote to💜Dada✨💎Basic,writing,conversation🔥Korean culture,KPOP,drama💜Interesting class✨

02/06/2023 07:57
Teacher makes it easy for me to get back into korean despite not practicing for a while. I'm really glad to have teacher that is really patient and helps me formulate my sentences. I rememember things when I have conversations with Dada teacher! Thank you Teacher :)

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wrote to🏅 혜림惠林Hayley ✨English,Chinese and Korean 💯 Focus: Speaking fluency

02/06/2023 07:51
Hayley has created very good quizzes and material to test my learning and it is motivating me to try harder to do well! I feel that I am learning a great mix of grammar, conversation, and vocabulary with Hayley. I want to try harder to do well!!!

wrote to🏅 혜림惠林Hayley ✨English,Chinese and Korean 💯 Focus: Speaking fluency

02/06/2023 05:51
I really enjoy Hayley's classes. Today we got right down to business and learned 2 grammar points. She had prepared some extra practice sentences for me in case I needed more difficult practice. Afterwards, we did a little free-talking.

wrote to💙Teacher Suzy💙Translation & Interpretation at HUFS 🧑‍🏫Amazon👩‍💼English Speaking Professional🔥

02/06/2023 03:24
You were so polite and patient when I have a trouble to pronounce the “ㅡ” and help me to remember those vowels and consonants in an easy way. It’s good to have you to be my Korean teacher~ 반가워요 그리고 고마워요

wrote to✨D teacher's Fun & Practical Korean(Beginner to Advanced)✨

02/06/2023 03:00
Although i was really stressed from work and since i had like a black out , i felt so relaxed after our lesson. Our lesson was amazing . Teacher Thank you so so much for being supportive

wrote to🇰🇷MIA🍊 TOPIK 1&2, Basic,Beginner,Intermediate,Advanced 3️⃣ years+ experienced teaching

01/06/2023 21:53
Another great class. Very fun and relaxed setting. I felt I learn a lot in these classes as the explanations are very clear and good examples are giving. I really enjoy all of my classes with Mia!

wrote to🏆Lee 🎬Interpreter@MBC Bangkok⛳️17years in Thai🥇Professor🏫Thai school teacher💼Samsung

01/06/2023 20:19
So much fun! As always, of course. It is amazing how much Ms. Lee has been able to help me. I even understand enough to chit-chat a little now! She always explains the grammar so well and answers all my questions :)

wrote toAnna(애나) 🔥👍 conversation in Korean. 🔥 beginner's welcome.⭐️Korean taught by a native speaker

01/06/2023 16:50
안녕하세요! I'm thrilled to have found her class. The materials we did were for beginners learning basic letters, sounds, and phrases, and we mainly conversed in Korean. Although we could have used English for convenience, I enjoyed Anna선생님's enthusiasm and patience in communicating with me in Korean. I think the pacing of the class is just right for my level to feel challenged but not overwhelmed, and I look forward to our next session~

wrote to💎Rebecca 🌟 Specialized in conversation, TOPIK, grammar, slangs 🥊 5yr living in 🇺🇸 worked at 🗽

01/06/2023 13:34
Today I learned new words and had a very pleasant conversation with Rebeca. I managed to introduce the new words in the conversation guided by Rebeca and at the end of the lesson I felt very proud of myself. Thank you, 선생님.

wrote to🌟Daniel쌤(+5yrs tutor)✈️Worked for the International Airline🚀Graduated from U.S Aero Univ.✈️

01/06/2023 11:18
In a short span of time, I learned formal (very) polite, polite, and informal way of speaking and writing Korean. We had a very very quick run through of K- tenses too. Please choose to book classes teacher when you are cramming! Hahahaha! He is very good in explaining things in details and make you understand it quickly. In the past month of studying with teacher Daniel, I learned a lot. I look forward in taking his classes again on August, :)

wrote to🌞🇰🇷Sunnie🌻Korean Major📚Lived in China & South America for 4 yrs🤞Culture💕

01/06/2023 08:13
Sunni is an amazing teacher. I’ve been taking lessons with her for over a year .. almost at two years! Every class I’m left wanting to learn more. She very opening about sharing really cool information about Korea from holidays, food and historical places. She’s flexible and patient. I will continue to only take Sunni’s classes probably forever lol

wrote toAnna(애나) 🔥👍 conversation in Korean. 🔥 beginner's welcome.⭐️Korean taught by a native speaker

01/06/2023 07:04
Anna was amazing! I will definitely book another lesson with her. It was a little difficult to converse just in Korean but I prefer it because I think it will help me get better sooner

wrote to💖Heart💖KAIST Startup Incubator🚀Learning Counselor📚A Chance to Change Your LIFE🔥K-POP&DRAMA🎵TOPIK💯

01/06/2023 03:50
I got back to studying Korean with teacher Heart today and could not be happier to have done so. Together with teacher Heart we not only repeated our last lesson, but were able to go through a variety of new conversational as well as grammatical topics. As always, I was provided with a lot of opportunities to speak, practice and ask questions, all of which were answered. Teacher Heart was continuously kind, encouraging and understanding, making sure that I understood everything, felt comfortable and had fun. I am already looking forward to the next lesson! :)

wrote to🎯 정민(Jeongmin)쌤🔥 Conversation Expert / Guarantee for Right Korean Sound🗣👂

31/05/2023 20:03
Today we progressed onto more detail topics covering verbs, adjectives and how the sentence can contain both topic and subject markers. You explained this so well and I'm excited to explore this more next week. I shall try listening to more conversations with this in mind. also I will work on my sentences about my family. have a great week!

wrote to🏅 혜림惠林Hayley ✨English,Chinese and Korean 💯 Focus: Speaking fluency

31/05/2023 18:31
I am getting more confident expressing myself even if still with broken Korean and mix Korean and English altogether and also frequently use Casual way. More new words that makes me want to express myself confidently. ^^

wrote toChérie 🥇 Writer & journalist 🍒 Learn the real Korean language and culture 🔥

31/05/2023 18:02
Amazing tutor who teaches a lot in a short time. Easy to understand explanations of grammar and culture. I wanted a conversation class and it was really good to get lots of time to talk with it feeling like a conversation between friends.

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