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wrote toJungsu Lee

2020/01/28 23:09
it's great!

wrote toAlice Song

2020/01/28 14:55

wrote toHyun (현)

2020/01/28 04:06
if you are a beginner I will recommend with lesson with Hyun, she will teach you basic consonants and vowels with full pratice

wrote to신디 Cindy

2020/01/26 05:37
Professional and friendly :)

wrote toJungsu Lee

2020/01/25 13:33
Patient and professional teacher. I had a lovely first meeting with Jungsu. He was very flexible with the lesson and able to communicate with me in fluent English as I knew 0 Korean.

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wrote toHyun (현)

2020/01/25 01:18
It's easy to have a conversation with Hyun. She will type the notes and share after the lesson. Awesome!!

wrote to신디 Cindy

2020/01/24 16:10
Thanks, Cindy!

wrote toKim da-eun🇰🇷

2020/01/24 05:53
I prefer to stay with Chinese and supplemented with English as necessary .. I wish to have more practice on listening and speaking .. many thanks to u !!!

wrote toHyun (현)

2020/01/23 03:15
Hynn is a enthusiastic and warm teacher. I just don’t know why we always have a lots huge laugh in class :XD

wrote toJungsu Lee

2020/01/23 00:14
Jungsu is a very patient and understanding teacher. I only took a trial but the way he teach motivates more to learn about the language. I am really thankful for the effort he makes for us to have the best course. I'm willing to do my very best !

wrote toMia

2020/01/22 06:05

wrote toSerin Baek

2020/01/18 05:36
I really enjoyed the lesson. I'm glad I booked my first lesson with her. Many more to come. She explains things clearly and helps with vocabulary a lot. She explained in detail the reasons for korean grammar. Overall, 5 out of 5

wrote toChalk

2020/01/17 11:58
Had a great trial class with Teacher Chalk today.

wrote toMia

2020/01/15 10:11
we complete chapter1~12 , now is going to learn book2 !

wrote toJungsu Lee

2020/01/14 15:00
The teacher is very friendly and patient.

wrote to수잔, Susan 😊

2020/01/12 03:54
Susan really knows what students need. She is patient and professional. She sets clear goal for class and naturally caters in daily conversation for student to practice speaking. She prepared class materials and discuss with me to understand my learning goals in advance. She really make use of class time well. I learn so much from Susan and can’t wait to have more class with her.

wrote to수잔, Susan 😊

2020/01/10 05:30
Today I am happy to learn a termed called”결방” when we are talking about the drama 사랑의 불시착. It is the best to learn what you like.

wrote toHenry

2020/01/10 03:42
I had a wonderful time to learn speaking, also I got confidence when spoke to teacher Henry.

wrote toHenry

2020/01/06 07:00

wrote toKim da-eun🇰🇷

2020/01/04 08:54
As always, I've learned a lot of new words today, and I feel that I'm consistently making progress. Sometimes I answer slowly and hesitatingly, but 선생님 always wait for me, I'm deeply grateful of your kindness and patience. 좋아요. 저는 2020년에도 한국어를 열심히 배울 거에요~

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