What does pov mean on social media? And on TikTok?

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POV is seen nowadays in videos on different social media platforms. POV stands for Point of View.

Point of View

Point of view, most commonly known as POV, is the perspective of the person narrating the story or a play. It can be categorized as first person or third person. First-person POV is when the character speaks about his own story, using I and us. Third-person, on the other hand, is when there is a speaker or a narrator in a story using he/she or them in the story/play.

POV (Point of View) examples

First-Person POV
I am the princess of this village. Princess Sophia. I will be the one to lead the kingdom in the future.

Third-Person POV

There was a young princess living in a small kingdom. Her name is Princess Sophia. She will be the new queen someday.

POV conclusion

Therefore, POV is the narrator's perspective or position in the story being told.

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POV is an informal text used on social media texts to save time like sms language.

What does 'POV' stand for?

Point of view


From a child's point of view or from a child's pov.

The meaning of point of view

A particular way or perspective of considering a matter.


POV is an acronym for the word Point Of View.

The meaning of POV

POV is an acronym for the word Point Of View.

When is it used?

It is usually used to show what one is thinking or how one sees something from their point of view.


abbreviation for "point of view"

a shortcut word for point of view

From my point of view, politics has no avail in today's global crises.

The phrase "point of view" is used to expressed somebody's own opinion or perspective.


You'll find POV very often on memes and, in general, on the internet

POV means point of view!

So you use it to describe a particular situation, to make clear the context in which you are. It is like the premise for what you want to say next.

Example: There is a photo with someone partying hard at 4 in the night and you write on it:

POV: when you say "I won't drink tonight"

So guys you can use it with your friends and, in general, in informal contexts. It's a lot of fun!


POV means Point of view

Refers to a trend in which a video shows the viewer's a perspective of a certain situation

POV is used especially in describing a method of a shooting scene or film that expresses the altitude of the director or writer towards the material or of a character in a scene.


POV means 'Point Of View,' and refers to a trend in which the video shows the viewer's perspective of a certain situation


POV stands for Point Of View. The term is not isolated to the platform and has been in use for years on other social media platforms. Creators use this term to make reactionary videos. They put a text on the video that explains an imaginary situation and record themselves according to that