AmazingTalker Personality Traits

Core Values:

Know Yourself

  • You know where you’re at, your goals, what you like, and what you’re pursuing

  • You continue to introspect and know what you want at different stages in life

  • You know what you’re passionate about and it aligns with our vision so you enjoy the working process



Seek Challenges

  • You continue to push the boundaries for yourself and set targets beyond your limits

  • You challenge existing systems and hypotheses by offering better approaches

  • You question given answers and will truly approve or comprehend when the answers are proven to be true


  • You remain objective while working
  • You are willing to share your knowledge and experiences so that others may grow
  • You are willing to help your partners and you value their success as your own
  • You know what you can and cannot do because you know how your actions impact company interests
  • You are not confined to yourself or a small group and are able to offer recommendations or ideas for the long-term development of colleagues and AmazingTalker


  • You are able to prioritize long-term or short-term gains based on existing scenarios
  • You are able to think in the long term and outline valuable plans for future company development
  • You value AmazingTalker as your own startup and consider your tasks to be labors of love
  • You want to deliver high performance consistently and be a reliable colleague
  • You are able to admit mistakes openly and honestly 


General Competency:

Fast Learner

  • You are a fast learner that craves new knowledge and ideas constantly

  • You are able to integrate new ideas with existing knowledge and apply it in your daily life

  • You are able to internalize information quickly and apply it flexibly to various scenarios 

Fast Worker

  • You think about how the task relates to the bigger picture before you begin

  • You are passionate about your tasks and want results fast; you never procrastinate

  • You compare different viable approaches and choose the simplest, fastest one 

Critical Thinker

  • You look for the root of the problem and try to improve/ optimize from the source

  • You can dissect complicated problems into small units and resolve problems through a process of observing > building a hypothesis > testing > concluding.

  • You constantly introspect to reflect on your insufficiencies and ways to improve

Bold Actions

  • You are willing to take bold action when it’s required to clarify unclear circumstances

  • You can confront and learn from your failures and apply learnings to future work

  • You evaluate risks and compare the benefits and worst-case scenarios for risk control

Stay Lazy

  • You’re always thinking of ways to be more efficient and to do more with less time

  • You establish mechanisms for tasks you expect to continue into the foreseeable future to pass on to your successors

  • You construct long-term, effective methods when old mechanisms fail to increase efficiency

  • You can develop easy, fast approaches and automate complex, repetitive tasks

Great Communicator

  • You are able to quickly comprehend defined goals and engage in detailed discussion or resolve problems accordingly

  • You are able to express yourself accurately in speech and writing
  • You listen and try to understand others before reacting
  • You can stay calm and make logical decisions under high-stress scenarios
  • You give constructive feedback to your partners openly and honestly
  • You treat your partners with respect regardless of their job position or viewpoints

Decision Maker

  • You are able to make smart choices given limited information and unclear circumstances

  • You utilize observation and data to support your instincts