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Why AmazingTalker?

AmazingTalker is committed to building a robust online learning platform that can empower learners in their pursuit of any language or subject. Established in December 2016, AmazingTalker now has 600,000 registered users and was selected by Parenting magazine for the Education Innovation 20+ list, making our successful rise into the top 20 education startups in Taiwan. We aim to be a startup of the world and for the world to see Taiwan.


Our Culture

AmazingTalker has a fast-paced work environment where everyone is trying to grow as fast as possible and we all seek to realize more possibilities. At AmazingTalker, we set clear and ambitious goals that drive every decision, big or small, within the company. The goals are clear so we never get lost in our pursuit and ambitious so we can fulfill our need to tackle challenges. Our colleagues are empowered to make their own decisions and mobilize resources as necessary to help develop independent thinking, problem-solving skills, and a sense of responsibility. We hope our partners commit to the core value of “finding where personal and company interests meet” to ensure personal achievements are attained through company growth.

I hope everyone who joined AmazingTalker can find the connection between their own personal goals and the company goals. While each of us contribute to the company's growth, we aim to move forward and accomplish own goals as well

Abner Chao, CEO

At AmazingTalker, we care deeply about:


We set goals but not restrictions. Our colleagues are given the space to explore different possibilities while the clear goals keep us on track. We use OKR to set clear goals so that every partner is fully aware of their tasks and role in ensuring success.

Trial and Error

We are not afraid of failure, rather, we believe in making quick decisions and taking quick action after moderate risk assessments. We know that we can arrive at the best solution faster through trying, testing, and failing. We never point fingers and are always looking at the core of the problem to find a solution.


We continue to grow by solving various problems and we are able to find the root of the problem and then solve it through observation, hypothesis, testing, and conclusions. Never limiting ourselves within a single domain, we at AmazingTalker crave diverse learning opportunities and growth.

Having the right people is the first step towards extraordinary success.

Below is a description of our ideal candidate. We would love for you to join if you believe you have these qualities or wish to surround yourself with such people.
To know yourself

Your core value is to “find where personal and company goals intersect” and introspect to uncover how your desires align with your work and let it drive you forward.

You value AmazingTalker as your own startup and are dedicated to making the company better. You always put 100% into every task, take responsibility, grasp opportunities, and act in line with long-term goals.

Tackles Challenges
You are not satisfied with the status quo and are willing to take on various challenges. When taking on challenges, any fear of failure is overshadowed by potential rewards. In the face of unknown circumstances, you are able to evaluate risks and take bold action to test your hypotheses.

You are filled with curiosity and always trying to learn more. You think about how to internalize and apply existing knowledge as fast as possible. You aren’t satisfied easily and believe that testing hypotheses is the key to true understanding.

You are able to quickly understand abstract concepts to offer precise feedback and responses. You are able to express yourself and stay focused on the target or problem. You are never affected by personal emotions when making decisions and can communicate rationally.


Life at AmazingTalker

Work-life Balance

15 days paid vacation, flexible work schedule, and no holiday weekend makeup days

Work Hard, Play Hard

Frequent gatherings, company trips, sporting events, and boardgame events

Never stop learning

Employees receive subsidies for online AmazingTalker classes, outside programs, and textbooks

Great Compensation

Pay raise every six months to a year, 1 additional day of paid vacation per year of experience, and employee stock options

Stay Energized

Unlimited snacks, beverages, health foods, and dinners

Comfortable Workplace

In-door gym, massage chair, ergonomic office chairs, and height-adjustable desks