Learn SAT with the Best SAT Tutor Near You via Skype

Learn SAT with the
Best SAT Tutor Near You via Skype

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  • Ishmael W.

    Certified Teacher (ELA, SAT, Social Studies, Science) Part- Time Tutor- Ages 6-12

    Thanks for looking at my profile! I have been teaching and tutoring math and the sciences since 2001, and I am extremely comfortable with the material and how to tutor it to the individual student. I've completed my 10,000 hours of tutorin...View more

  • Ian D.

    Experienced Tutor (Licensed Teacher) Available After School And Summer

    Looking for a professional to help bring up that SAT Writing score? I’m your guy. I know the SAT inside and out and I can assure you this test is learnable. I consider the Writing section to be the most learnable on the SAT. My fist score ...View more

  • Malcolm F.

    Experienced SAT Tutor Available On Weeknights/Weekend - Reasonable Price!

    When I first started my college journey, I hadn't a clue about what I wanted to do. Over the years, I've narrowed it down to two things: I love working with people, and I love helping them learn. I've spent years working for other tutoring/...View more

  • Donald B.

    GCSE IGCSE SAT PSAT GRE Algebra 1, 2 AP Calc, College/University level, ASSIGNMENT HELP!!

    I'm a certified teacher of English with extensive experience tutoring math through geometry, and into the fundamentals of trigonometry and calculus. I'm the content designer for two SAT preparation for the 2400 series of the test formerly a...View more

  • Giorgio C.

    Maths, Science T& SAT utor with 3+ years of experience

    More than half of my students are online at over 10 US states, China, and 3rd countries. I tutored Math Olympiad Competitions for 18+ years including AMC, AIME, MPFG, USAJMO, USAMO, MOP (MOSP), IMO. Recent year records include 10 state math...View more

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  • Robyn P.

    A 5th year University student with 3 years of SATematics teaching experience

    My motto is Labor Omnia Vincit (Latin for "Work Conquers All"). It mirrors my belief that any goal can be accomplished via guided effort. I am passionate about instilling the knowledge, skills, and confidence that people need to achieve the...View more

  • Ashleigh F.

    Certified teacher with IB experience

    I'm exclusively an SAT/ACT tutor. For years, I've been providing value to parents by consistently outperforming even the highest-priced tutors. I draw on both years of experience as a course instructor for a premier test prep company and m...View more

  • Clarence C.

    Certified SAT teacher with 12 years tutoring experience

    Hi! I'm a current Harvard undergraduate student studying physics and computer science. I have tutored for over four years, mainly in math (AP Calculus BC, algebra 1&2, geometry, SAT math) and physics. I also took linear algebra and multivar...View more

  • Macsen M.

    Mathematics tutor for IB,IGCSE,Common Core,SAT,GCSE

    I have a wide range of experience in tutoring and working with students, and have taught high schoolers for standardized tests ranging from ACT/SAT to AP tests. As a member of my high school's peer-to-peer tutoring program, I spent multiple...View more

  • Eben M.


    It is my passion to help students increase their comprehension in various math and science topics! I have been tutoring since my sophomore year in high school, and I have helped students ranging from 7th grade to college. I specialize in Al...View more

  • Amanah Howard

    Straight A college student with years of tutoring experiance

    I am a Yale Graduate with a focus on tutoring math and science. In addition to tutoring in high school and college, I have been tutoring for over 9 years in New York City. I enjoy helping students understand math and science. I work with t...View more

  • Nikkita White

    Licensed Professional Teacher in Mathematics with 10 years experience

    I have been a tutor for over ten years and have instructed in classroom settings, ranging subjects from English Language Arts to Mental Health and Wellness to SAT Mathematics. I've been employed with several companies including one awarded ...View more

  • Khushi B.

    Civil Engineer Graduate with over 10 years of experience as a SAT tutor and english tutor.

    You have important goals for your education. I can help you get the test score you need to accomplish your goals. I scored a perfect 800 on the SAT Critical Reading, Mathematics, and Writing tests, and I've been helping students improve the...View more

  • Freya Kirk

    Motivated Teacher | SAT & Math

    I love that I can help students in an online format. I think the impact online tutoring has on students is tremendous. As in all teaching, the best moments are when the student says," Ooooohhhh!" when the clouds of confusion clear away and ...View more

  • Rudy Sharma

    HIghly qualified and experienced teacher with superb results.

    I enjoy tutoring students of all ages to help prepare them for math and science class and for their various exams. I try to encourage my students to try their best, help them strive to reach their full potentials, and empower them to be ind...View more

  • Sheila Tyler

    Experienced English and SAT Teacher who has a passion in teaching with more than 10 yrs experience

    I've been tutoring since high school, when I helped the kids I babysat with their homework. I'm the kind of person who loves to help others, so tutoring and homework help has always come naturally to me. I now work part-time as a profession...View more

  • Rajveer P.

    Excel at mathematics, Ace the Exams!

    Getting ready for the SAT's this year? Looking to get ahead before classes start? Need someone to read over an essay or thesis and give constructive advice? I have experience with tutoring people from age 8 to 68, and have taken graduate le...View more

  • Emilia Stephenson

    Mathematics and advanced SAT tutor with 5 years of experience

    I've been tutoring, mostly within my own schools, since middle school, including subjects ranging from Spanish to math to writing skills. I attended Vanderbilt University, where I majored in Psychology, with minors in English and Cinema Med...View more

  • Agatha M.

    Experienced English, SAT tutor from US

    During my years as an undergraduate majoring in Electrical Engineering at Stony Brook University, I held multiple seminars tutoring students on the freshman and sophomore level engineering courses including physics and calculus. My specialt...View more