Trip to Mexico

Jennifer lived on the top of the mountain in a small town in Australia. She visited her friends to eat pizza.

When she arrived at her friends’ place, she saw a kangaroo, and said:”I got a gift form the kangaroo.”
Her friends were surprised. Kangaroo never gave gifts to anybody.

She opened the gift and it was a magic phone.

Jennifer’s friends were jealous. They wanted a magic phone too.

Jennifer bought a pair of shoes for each of her friends. She told her friends that the shoes were magic too.

Then they met a little boy and he said that he could take them to another place by airplane. The boy’s father was a pilot, so he got free tickets for all the girls to fly to Mexico.

When they arrived in Mexico, Jennifer decided to used her new magic phone

Then, she made $2000 so they could eat a wonderful dinner while they were in Mexico. They had some juice, French fries and hamburgers. For dessert, they had spicy pudding.

They saw many wonderful things in Mexico, like Mexican music,a big shopping center and a forest.

Jennifer’s friends were tired of so much shopping and walking, so they went to their hotel and slept.

The next day, the young boy said:” it’s time to go home! My father will be waiting for us at the airport.”

Then they went to the airport and went home.

When they arrived in Australia, the kangaroo was waiting for them and said:” Welcome back to Australia!”

The kangaroo transformed into a boy and he wanted to live with Jennifer. She said:” Sure” and she took the boy to her house.

Everybody went to live in Jennifer’s house.

Now, they are all good friends and they have many parties together.

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