My English Teacher

Learning English is one of the most important skills in my life. In order to be able to work in the US, I have to practice my English every day, as well as improve it. The best way is to find an online class and have a teacher correct my English while I am speaking. While I was looking for a class, my friend, Jason, told me about the English class with the teacher, Lucas. And, this is how I met the best and the funniest teacher in the world.

First of all, Lucas is my English teacher who likes surfing and regularly joins the competition every year. He studied in Canada for six years, but he moved back and lives in Kenting, Taiwan. I am originally from Taoyuan, Taiwan, but I am living in San Francisco to study 3D animation. In order to solve the distancing problem, we have class online through the English learning platform, Amazing Talker. It is easy to tell that Lucas is a famous teacher from the difficulty of booking his class. He has around 50 students and he has taught over 2000 classes online. His students range from kindergarten to adults.

The classes started in March 2021, and it is still continuing. I have individual class on Tuesdays, and group class on Thursdays, and each class are around an hour. He planned the class really well. His English class usually starts with checking the homework, and then I will need to answer 2 questions about any topics that were chosen that day. Lucas will let me prepare for 1 minute before answering the question. Also, there are listening or reading practices each time during the class. Lucas corrects me whenever I make mistakes, and he will provide his answer to the questions. My favorite part of his class is answering the questions and chatting with him.

Lucas is really helpful to me because he helps me to practice my oral speaking and gain vocabularies through the exercises. I was also able to be aware of how many grammar mistakes I could make in speaking and be able to correct them in the class because of him. I like his classes because they are chill and non-stressful. I believe the reason why his class is so famous is not only because of the effort he put in the classes, but also the whole atmosphere he created to let the students enjoy the class.

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7 years of exp

🔥The June course is 🈵️, accept the experience, and arrange the class time in July 🔥 I'm Lucas!! Living in the United States since the age of two 🇺🇸 and Canada 🇨🇦🌊 Six years of supplementary teaching teacher 🌊 Business interview skills 🌊 Expertise exam question analysis🌊 over 1000 + Student certification,

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