Find the Best Spanish Tutor Near Salem, VA

Find the Best Spanish Tutor Near Salem, VA

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  • DELE & Gramática Española
    4.98・126 Reviews

    - Graduado del Grupo de Español del Departamento de Idiomas Europeos de la Universidad de Chengchi. - Universidad de Jaén, España

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    DELE & Gramática Española

    - Graduado del Grupo de Español del Departamento de Idiomas Europeos de la Universidad de Chengchi. - Universidad de Jaén, España

  • Cervants Certificate
    4.94・35 Reviews

    I can teach gramma, oral skils or what you need . I'm sure I can help you learning or improving your Spanish!

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    Cervants Certificate
    4.94・35 Reviews

    I can teach gramma, oral skils or what you need . I'm sure I can help you learning or improving your Spanish!

  • hablante nativo de español
    4.98・216 Reviews

    Soy hablante nativo de español. Asimismo, tengo un nivel cercano a nativo en chino. Estudié Filología clásica en la Universidad de Salamanca y Literatura China en la Universidad Nacional de Taiwán.

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    hablante nativo de español

    Soy hablante nativo de español. Asimismo, tengo un nivel cercano a nativo en chino. Estudié Filología clásica en la Universidad de Salamanca y Literatura China en la Universidad Nacional de Taiwán.

  • Wen

    Taiwanesa que vivía en Vzla
    4.98・1689 Reviews

    Hola a todos mi nombre es Wen, soy taiwanesa pero crecí en un país muy hermoso que se llama Venezuela, sé que aprender un nuevo idioma no es nada facíl pero estoy segura de que voy a ser tu mejor amiga en el camino de aprendizaje.

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    Taiwanesa que vivía en Vzla
  • I focus on your goals.
    4.93・27 Reviews

    Hello! I provide: 1) Learn spanish with a dynamic, practical and participative teaching style 2) I adapt to the objectives and motivations that you have: conversation, oral comprehension, Grammar, specific topics... 3) Fun and Interactive!

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    I focus on your goals.
    4.93・27 Reviews

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  • Spanish Funny Teacher
    4.97・38 Reviews

    I believe that each student is different, therefore each class must be different. For this reason I think it is important to have a first contact class and see what the student expects and what their strengths

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    Spanish Funny Teacher
    4.97・38 Reviews
  • Amigos del Español !! :)
    5・10 Reviews

    Me llamo Karen, me gusta enseñar y me encataría familiarizarte con este bello idioma !!!

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    Amigos del Español !! :)
  • BusinessSpanish teacher 📊
    4.92・25 Reviews

    Hey there👋, I’m Virginia. I’m a Spanish teacher living in Ecuador🇪🇨 I'm a fan of education and I love helping people communicate well I’m also interested in entrepreneurship and tech💻My specialty is the SouthAmerican Business culture

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    BusinessSpanish teacher 📊
    4.92・25 Reviews
  • Aprender con motivación
    4.98・125 Reviews

    Clase personalizada con mucho cariño y paciencia

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    Aprender con motivación
  • Spanish could change your life
    4.95・63 Reviews

    Hello! The courses I provide are: 1. Simplified basic Spanish 2. Spanish for children 3. Conversational Spanish 4. Business Spanish 5. Customized courses according to your skills and knowledge

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    Spanish could change your life
    4.95・63 Reviews
  • Native / DELE / A1 to C2
    4.6・5 Reviews

    Hello! I'm Natalia, from Argentina. I travel with my family in Latin America. In my classes, I work with: communication, I do work correction, I prepare students for international exams, I prepare non-native teachers to improve their level.

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    Native / DELE / A1 to C2
    4.6・5 Reviews
  • Your Spanish teacher!
    5・8 Reviews

    ¡Hola! Nice to see you around. My name is Bibiana, a certified Spanish teacher from Barcelona. My objective is to cover your learning needs. I am so happy to see how the student gets confidence and is able to speak Spanish. It means a lot to me.

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    Your Spanish teacher!
  • Primera lengua: castellano
    5・56 Reviews

    1) Fonética, pronunciación y entonación. Para estudiantes sinohablantes con problemas al vocalizar, o en diferenciar fonemas. 2) Gramática y puntuación. 3) Conversación y comprensión auditiva. 4) Modismos, frases hechas, ...

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    Primera lengua: castellano
  • Tutor de chino mandarin

    Nativo taiwanés, hablo chino, inglés y español. Dando clases de los idiomas por skype.

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    Tutor de chino mandarin
  • Paciente y didáctica
    5・137 Reviews

    ✔️Tengo entusiasmo y paciencia.✔️Más de 10 años aprendiendo español, puedo ayudarles a resolver sus dudas. ✔️El objetivo es ayudarles a usar lo que hayan aprendido en las clases con más fluidez y confianza.✔️Materiales variados e interesantes.

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  • 语言学硕士10年教龄DELE备考专家
    4.99・622 Reviews

    (招長期固定上課的新生,以及備考DELE A1- B2的考生,歡迎咨詢)我是西文教師Luisa。西文從業經驗已12年,尤其是針對西文初級入門者和DELE(A1-B2)備考的教學經驗頗豐。我曾在西班牙攻讀西文語言學碩士, 因此我對母語是華語的學生在學習西文過程中可能遇到的問題有著充分的了解,并在多年的學習和教學中摸索出了有效的學習方法。我的課堂輕鬆有趣,會針對每一位學生制定專屬學習計劃并提供免費教材,課堂筆記以及會課後答疑。趕快聯繫我吧!

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  • Let's speak english!
    5・1 Reviews

    Hello! My name is Reyna, i am french but I can speak English. I will be glad to help you improving your english skills

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    Let's speak english!
  • spanish and french teacher
    5・2 Reviews

    Hello I teach Spanish and French. I am a native spanish and french teacher. If you want to travel, for study or work I can help you for learn very fast yours interests. With me you will have interactives and dynamics class.

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    spanish and french teacher
  • 旅西十年博士,多年从事口译笔译
    5・66 Reviews

    前十名预定课程的学生将享受长期优惠!!! 马德里卡洛斯三世大学传媒研究学科博士; 西班牙语言文学专业背景; 多年的中西笔译和口译经验; 在西班牙学习生活十年,目前定居马德里和加纳利; 语言和文化深度爱好者。

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  • Aprende Español y Diviertete!
    5・1 Reviews

    Soy chileno, hispano hablante nativo y he viajado por varios paises enseñando español (USA, Canada, Netherlands, France, Hungary). Mi estilo de enseñanza es a traves de conversaciones inmersivas sobre tópicos relevantes y divertidos para el alumno.

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    Aprende Español y Diviertete!

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    Online Spanish Classes FAQ

    Q1. I live in Salem, VA, can I get a Spanish tutor on AmazingTalker?

    AmazingTalker’s one-on-one tutor is suitable for everyone that wants to learn Spanish, regardless if you are a child, beginner, student, adult or professional.

    Our tutors can help you to learn in all aspects of the language - listening, writing, reading, speaking, pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, or customized courses (e.g. business Spanish programs). If you would like to significantly improve your conversation abilities in Spanish, or if you’d like to stand out in your test or your work, then AmazingTalker’s Spanish tutor can definitely help you!

    How much do Spanish sessions cost in Salem, VA?

    On average, Spanish sessions cost $10 - $30 per hour. However, rates vary by tutor’s nationality, experience and popularity. See detailed pricing: Spanish session rates in Salem, VA.

    How do I find the best Spanish tutor in Salem, VA?

    You can find a suitable tutor based on their teaching style, specialty, and your needs. You can also start with top tutors rated by your neighborhood.

    Can I find high-quality Spanish tutors at reasonable prices?

    Certainly! You can find a great tutor within your budget. Here is a list of professional Spanish tutors with great prices.

    Q2. Who are our Spanish tutors?

    AmazingTalker handpick only the best local and international Spanish tutors.

    Each of our tutors have to go through a rigorous selection process before becoming an AT Spanish tutor, and their performance will also be constantly monitored by us. You will get the best learning experience from the tutor we have recommended for you!

    Q3. How do I choose my Spanish tutor?

    If you have a clear idea of your criteria for choosing a tutor - such as cost of lessons, nationality of the tutor, learning objectives, etc. - you can use the search function to quickly find a tutor to suit your needs, and select “trial lesson” for your first Spanish online lesson.

    However, if you do not have the time to find a tutor, we can help you with a recommendation. In just a short 3 minutes, we can find a suitable tutor for you using our Auto-Match function!

    Q4. Should I choose a Spanish tutor that is a native speaker?

    One of the best way to learn Spanish is to immerse yourself in an environment where you can only use Spanish.

    However, if you do not currently have a solid base of spelling and/or vocabulary, we would recommend a bilingual tutor, as you will achieve a better learning outcome in the limited time of one-on-one private tutoring.

    If you have a good range of vocabulary but lack the opportunity to practice, then we would definitely recommend you to choose a native Spanish tutor.

    Q5. Learn Spanish in Salem, VA - how to find a tutor near me?

    We have local Spanish tutors from Salem, VA, as well as international tutors based in Taiwan、Spain、Guatemala、China、Costa Rica、Mexico、Argentina、Ecuador、Colombia、Venezuela.

    Q6. How much will my online Spanish class cost?

    All tutoring fees are set by the Spanish tutors themselves, and not by AT. Most of our Salem, VA Spanish tutors charge USD$10-30 per hour.

    We will match suitable Spanish tutors to the student’s cost needs. If the tutor’s fees are acceptable to you, we recommend that you can start with a “trial lesson”.

    Q7. How do I pay for the my Spanish lessons?

    We accept payment for the lessons by credit card. In some countries (e.g. Taiwan), we also accept local methods of payment, such as ATM payment or payment at convenient stores.

    Q8. How many Spanish lessons should I purchase?

    If you have a short term goal, we recommend you to purchase the number of lessons that is appropriate for your timeframe. If you need significant improvement to reach your goal, we recommend you to purchase adequate number of lessons, and get into the habit of regular weekly learning!

    Q9. What if I have more questions?

    Our FAQ page should have answers to most of your questions. You can find the FAQ page at the bottom of the AmazingTalker website. If you cannot find the answer to your question in the FAQ page, you can contact us by clicking the red button at the bottom right corner of the website.

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