Find the Best Spanish Tutor Near Massachusetts

Find the Best Spanish Tutor Near Massachusetts

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  • Native English Teacher!

    Hey there! I provide English and Spanish online courses for children, teenagers and adults in a fun and dynamic way.

  • Amigos del Español !! :)

    Me llamo Karen, me gusta enseñar y me encataría familiarizarte con este bello idioma !!!

  • Bachelor Degree in Education

    I am a Native Spanish speaker. I offer: 1) Basic, medium and advanced leves. 2) Spanish for traveling 3) Spanish for business All the lessons are adapted to your needs. I provide the guidance and you may choose the way you want to learn.

  • Are you ready for talking?

    Hi ! If you want to improve your Spanish conversational skills I can help you! My lessons are conversationals, I have differents topics for talking, images for describe them and small articles for reading ang talk about them. Are you ready ?

  • A funny spanish teacher!

    I am a native spanish speaker and I have a specialization course like a Spanish as Foreign Language teacher. I have my own youtube channel. So I hope you there to learn more spanish in a fun way!

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  • Lessons tailored to your needs

    Hi there! My name is Wilmer and I can help you learn Spanish and English. If you´re interested in learning and practicing these two languages in a fun way, don´t hesitate to contact me. Looking forward to talking to you! ¡Adiós!

  • Español con buena onda

    ¡Hola futuro alumno! 1- Las clases están diseñadas acorde a tus objetivos. 2- Disfrutar aprendiendo es mi meta, ¿te apetece? 3- Estoy altamente cualificado para preparar y enseñarte de manera que lo entiendas todo. Feliz día =)

  • Master it! BUSINESS*TRAVEL*:)

    Hi! I´m Lilly. I´m Argentinian. I speak Spanish, and English. I am an English translator, I traveled and lived in US and other countries. I speak some Chinese. You´ll improve your English to travel, do business or take exams. Can´t wait!

  • Teacher of english and Spanich

    Hi! 1. English for Children (6-11) 2.Basic EnglishEnglish Listening 3.English Vocabulary 4.English for Late Teens (15-17) 5.English for Early Teens (12-14) 6.English for Kids (3-5) 7.English for Travel

  • Fun experience Spanish teacher

    Hi! I provide: 1) one course with comun expression in Spanish. 2) Conversation about all the topics you want, to build up your confidence. 3) Personalized lesson according to your needs, i am super patience and positive :)

  • Spanish could change your life

    Hello! The courses I provide are: 1. Simplified basic Spanish 2. Spanish for children 3. Conversational Spanish 4. Business Spanish 5. Customized courses according to your skills and knowledge

  • I focus on your goals.

    Hello! I provide: 1) Learn spanish with a dynamic, practical and participative teaching style 2) I adapt to the objectives and motivations that you have: conversation, oral comprehension, Grammar, specific topics... 3) Fun and Interactive!

  • Friendly environment!!

    -A natural way of learning in real-life situations. -All the levels, from basic to test preparation. -Personalized classes for your needs and interests.

  • Passionate Spanish teacher!

    Dear students, My name is Paula and I am a native Spanish speaker and an experienced Spanish teacher. Although Spanish may seem a complicated language, it is easy once you find the right teacher!

  • Tutora de español 100%

    Soy nativa hablante de español.

  • Aprender con motivación

    Clase personalizada con mucho cariño y paciencia

  • Cervants Certificate

    I can teach gramma, oral skils or what you need . I'm sure I can help you learning or improving your Spanish!

  • Native Spanish Speaker

    Looking for a Native Spanish-speaking teacher? I offer personalized courses, designed to help you learn Spanish quickly & efficiently! I teach conversational Spanish, as well as test prep (DELE or SIELE). See you soon!

  • Hola mi nombre es vivian peng

    ¡Ven a aprender español de negocios conmigo!

  • Make English part of you!

    Hi! I’ll help you reduce any accent you may have, accurate pronunciation and proper enunciation are key. You will also learn to use a rich and wide vocabulary that sounds natural and contains coloquial expressions used by native speakers.


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