Learn Math with the Best Math Tutor Near You via Skype

Learn Math with the
Best Math Tutor Near You via Skype

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  • Lon Coello

    Tutor With 5 Years Experience Focused On Standardized Tests, Math, Science, And Humanities

    I am currently a tenured mathematics professor at a local university, and I have been at this institution since 2001. I have an undergraduate degree in mathematics and a Ph.D. in mathematics. I have been been tutoring mathematics in many si...View more

  • Francis Herzog

    An Enthusiastic, Passionate, Bilingual, And Organized Tutor!

    I have been tutoring and teaching since 2013. My subjects include Mathematics (Elementary, Pre-Algebra, Algebra I and II, College Algebra), test preparation (ACT,SAT,GED,GRE), reading and writing. I am currently pursuing a M.Ed degree and...View more

  • Roosevelt Messersmith

    Writing, ESL, Latin, And Math Tutor

    I graduated from Binghamton University in 2012 with a double major in Mathematics and Economics. I have also taught for the past four years in different settings. I worked in an after-school/summer school program for four years where I was ...View more

  • Gerard Endres

    Learning Support Services - All Subject Areas.

    Everyone has a unique life experience of his or her own; I certainly have a particularly unusually varied background where I have pursued initially in music (the piano), then liberal arts (linguistic), and eventually health science--I recei...View more

  • Isaiah Lane

    Tutoring In All Subjects

    As a teacher certified in Elementary Education (Kindergarten through 8th grade.) I can help your student understand concepts taught in the elementary grades. I have worked in the public school system, co-teaching in a variety of classrooms ...View more

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  • Jeremy Sandefur

    Tried-and-True-Results Math And Test Prep Tutor With 10 Years Experience

    For over two decades I have worked with students of all ages in the classroom, as a tutor, and as an athletics coach. I am consistently successful at building a strong, collaborative rapport across a diverse spectrum of students in order to...View more

  • Heath Arvidson

    Professional, Creative And Wholehearted Tutor

    I love working with students in algebra, calculus, and general chemistry. When it comes to math and sciences, I believe there are many ways to get the right answer. Thus, I always try to see and explain things from the student's viewpoint(s...View more

  • Wm Nova

    Full-Time Academic Tutor (Math, Science, Languages, Computer)

    As an MBA – International Business graduate of Loyola University, I have teaching experience on the Bachelor level in on line teaching environment at Colorado Technical University. I believe my teaching experience and passion for learning ...View more

  • Martin Raschke

    Ivy League Math Coach- Easy Learning,15 Years Of Teaching Experience

    I proactively engage with creativity and compassion when I tutor because it's important to validate students while giving them creative freedom to learn on their own terms. During tutoring sessions, I assess the student's needs, their lear...View more

  • Henry Malkin

    Prolific Math Tutoring - Learn To Solve In Multiple Ways

    After being in global IT business in senior executive positions for over 30 years, I strongly felt that I must go to where I love the most - teaching. I realized I could be great teacher when I taught IT students as a part of my job for fe...View more

  • Bart Vandorn

    Serving People And Making A Difference- Tutor

    I am a reliable, patient, and fun tutor with 10 years of experience tutoring people of all ages in various subjects, which has given me the love to teach and to work with people. I also have experience teaching ESL overseas in Italy and Spa...View more

  • Marlon Straughan

    Experienced Tutor In Math, Physics, Chemistry And English

    I have a bachelor's degree in middle grades education with a concentration in math and language arts and a teaching certificate from West Chester University. I have tutored students ranging in ages from 5-15 in subject areas such as: math,...View more

  • Leif Catalan

    Experienced Math/Science/Spanish Tutor

    I always love Math. I have a Bachelor Degree on Math in 1980. I has been Math teacher in Cuba for around 30 years, from High School to College. I have a lot of experience theaching Math on Middle and High School and also in College Calculus...View more

  • Wilbur Meisinger

    Ph.D. Candidate Able To Tutor Your Student

    I first started tutoring in different subjects of mathematics through the mathematics honor society at my high school. Through that I met students of many different skill levels and was able to learn different techniques to teach every sing...View more

  • Elias Gooden

    Graduate Student Available For Tutoring

    I have taught kindergarten and first grade and sixth grade as well as teaching Reading/Language Arts and Social Studies to grades five through eight for three years. Prior to that I substitute taught children ranging from age 4 to age 14 in...View more

  • Trent Seamon

    Tutor Specializing In Math

    I have been work-studied as a tutor at the University of Miami tutoring center for two years, as well as various independent tutoring jobs on Care. com for the last year. I tutor Middle School, High School and College-aged students in subje...View more

  • Roger Kornfeld

    Experienced Teacher Available To Tutor - Elementary Math/All Levels For English

    I am an education-loving-math-nerd at heart! School was never "easy" for me. I had to work hard, study often, and try, try again until I understood what study methods worked best for me. The reason I love teaching is because I am able to pr...View more

  • Oscar Bardsley

    Full Time Finance Professional, Part Time High School/GMAT/Elementary Math Tutor

    I initially began my financial advising service 6 years ago. My initial clients were family members and friends. I now work with clients all over the US. My main priority is to help individuals gain financial stability and freedom through m...View more

  • Sam Gooding

    Exciting And Engaging Young Tutor

    My name is Sam and I am a currently an educator. I have previously worked as a middle school educator, but I am currently working as an elementary school educator. I am currently teaching all the subjects necessary in 4th grade, but I have ...View more