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  • Learn and speak naturally

    Hi. My name is Fumika, I'm from in Yamaga Japan. I love talking with people and share about different cultures. Let's study Japanese together!

  • JLPT/初心者/ビジネス/会話/発音

    皆様、こんにちは。TABEDAです。 父は台湾じんで、母は日本人です。台日のハーフです。台湾の台北生まれ、現在は日本の世田谷区と台湾の台北に住んでおります。 日本でも台湾でも日本語を教える経験を数多く積んでいます。私は日本語の質問であれば何でも答えられますが、主に以下のような内容でサポートできますよ。 ・日常会話 ・旅行で使う日本語 ・ビジネス日本語 ・JLPT(N5~N1) ・正しい文法 ・正しい発音  などです。 《一緒に楽しく日本語を勉強しましょう!》

  • Your Japanese tutor :)

    Hi I’m Kanna, I’m Taiwanese but I’ve been learning Japanese near 10 years. I’ve been teaching Japanese more than 2 years, so I really can understand what learners are confused in. So feel free to contact me, Let's learning together efficiently!

  • 優れた雑談力 会話・文法向上 

    長年にわたり、日本語通訳に携わり、15年以上の経験を積み重ねた傍ら、日本語教師としても日本語を教えてきました。 1.特に授業のやり方ではインターネット関連の議題や文章を使うことが多いので、話を聞くなどのスキルを強化し、関連のgoogleアプリに合わせて授業を活発にしてインタラクティブな学習を体験できます。 3.わかりやすい日本語で日本の文化や生活上の論点を共有し、知恵や知識など蓄積に役立てるように努めます。

  • 銀河 (Ginga)

    Study in Taiwan, Japanese

    I am Ginga!from 🇯🇵 I am learning international business in Taiwan now. I’ve also been to Canada for a year when I was in high school. I’m very easy going and hope we can learn Japanese together!

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  • Interview preparation

    I have a lot of teaching experience in Interview preparation! I make a learning plan tailored to each student.I will provide your own textbooks after class. For busy person, I also have a 25-minute class.

  • 日本語を学ぼう!


  • Lilyan 🌟🌈

    #Japanese #Chinese#funning

    Hello, I am Lillian Are you interested in learning Chinese or Japanese ? I am glad to help you how to chat form begin. Let's learn language together slowly and easily.

  • 專長日文檢定、日常會話、商業。


  • Isen 吉武依宣

    7 years experience/JLPT exam

    My name is Yoshitake Isen, I have been a Japanese teacher for 7 years. I used to teach Japanese in China for 1 year and Taiwan for 4 years, also I have been taken the Japanese teacher license in Japan. Let's our study Japanese Together!!

  • 千穂(Chiho)

    Conversation, JLPT, Exam prep

    I have been teaching Japanese over three years now. The speaking ability is unfortunately not proportional to the level of JLPT. The only way to improve your conversational skills is to practice a lot having fun. Come on, let's talk in Japanese!

  • Haruka

    Need a conversational partner?