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  • 文化交流、会話練習、日本語検定
    4.96・54 Reviews

    中国語と日本語の両方に、学生が日本語を理解しやすくする能力があります! 翻訳会社でも働いていますが、翻訳について質問することもできます! 興味があれば、私に連絡してください。

    $21 / 50min
    4.96・54 Reviews

    中国語と日本語の両方に、学生が日本語を理解しやすくする能力があります! 翻訳会社でも働いていますが、翻訳について質問することもできます! 興味があれば、私に連絡してください。

  • #Japanese #Chinese#funning
    4.99・242 Reviews

    Hello, I am Lillian Are you interested in learning Chinese or Japanese ? I am glad to help you how to chat form begin. Let's learn language together slowly and easily.

    #Japanese #Chinese#funning
    $17 / 50min
    4.99・242 Reviews

    Hello, I am Lillian Are you interested in learning Chinese or Japanese ? I am glad to help you how to chat form begin. Let's learn language together slowly and easily.

  • Need a conversational partner?
    4.95・241 Reviews

    I am a native Japanese speaker and am currently living in Tokyo, Japan. I love cats, traveling, learning about different cultures and eating various foods from different countries. My Japanese Blog: http://haruki-ta.com/

    Need a conversational partner?
    $17 / 50min
    4.95・241 Reviews

    I am a native Japanese speaker and am currently living in Tokyo, Japan. I love cats, traveling, learning about different cultures and eating various foods from different countries. My Japanese Blog: http://haruki-ta.com/

  • Japanese/English teacher
    4.92・39 Reviews

    I can customize lessons based on students’ needs. Example, • Exams ( JLPT, Japanese university, etc) • Interview preparation for companies. • Conversation practice . • Business Japanese for professionals. And so on.

    Japanese/English teacher
    $14 / 50min
    4.92・39 Reviews
  • #初學首選#購課前請先聯繫老師呦
    4.99・800 Reviews


    $20 / 50min
    4.99・800 Reviews

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  • 優しい、面白い
    4.9・69 Reviews

    日本語文学科を卒業しました。 教育事業に熱心な人なんだから、ここに来ました。 日本語を学びたい方、ぜひ。

    $18 / 50min
    4.9・69 Reviews
  • 22歳大手企業就職★真の実力派
    4.99・492 Reviews

    日常会話ができない?ビジネス日本語が知りたい? 早くるる先生と一緒に未来の扉を開こう いつやるの?今でしょ!!m9(るる先生)

    $23 / 50min
    4.99・492 Reviews
  • 日文文法、JLPT、日常会話
    5・29 Reviews

    はじめまして、さちこです。 日本語能力試験L1資格をもっています。 台湾とオンラインで日本語を教えて10年目になりました。 大学や日本語学校、家庭教師など いろいろな形で、 子供からお年寄りまで いろんな学生に日本語を教えています。 あなたに合った内容を、 あなたに合った教材で、 あなたの都合に合わせて、 私は指導することができます。 必要な日本語を教えることができます。

    $22 / 50min
    5・29 Reviews
  • 日文初級、日語會話、漫畫、卡通
    4.97・157 Reviews

    大家好,我是謝老師。我修完大學碩士課程後,直接在日本擔任高中生的教師。 @0基礎開始,讓您自然學會日文。 @情境式學習,讓您可以輕鬆學習文法與使用。 @從你/妳的喜歡的事物學習,讓您更快進入日文世界。 對日本美食、旅遊、漫畫有興趣的朋友可以來上上看我的課程喔!不限制在課本上,有許多課外讀物讓您上課不無聊!!

    $15 / 50min
    4.97・157 Reviews
  • Chinese/Japanese languages
    4.99・169 Reviews

    After graduating from Japanese Department of Soochow University,I work in a Japanese electronic company for 12 years. In my free time, I have been teaching Chinese and Japanese language for over 6 years.

    Chinese/Japanese languages
    $20 / 50min
    4.99・169 Reviews
    5・1 Reviews

    Hello. I am a native Japanese teacher. I provide beginner and Intermediate Japanese Courses. Also, I can provide lessons customized to your liking. Please let me help you on your journey to becoming a​ professional in Japanese.

    $11 / 50min
    5・1 Reviews
  • Learn Japanese with me ?
    4.99・348 Reviews

    Japanese is literally should be learned by ear. Yet the way Hiragana and Katakana looks is like Chinese characters so much that people focus on the words too much instead of practice speaking and listening! Let's just learn Japanese by ear ;)

    Learn Japanese with me ?
    $20 / 50min
    4.99・348 Reviews
  • 美式教學法~口說檢定通通來
    5・55 Reviews

    大家好,我是靜(Shizuka)。 我畢業於高雄大學日文系,畢業後在日本工作了4年,我不只能協助您提升日文能力,我的專長在於口說、現代流行語及日本文化,近期有多次輔導日本打工度假及就業實績,有什麼疑問都可以讓我知道哦!讓我們一起快樂學習吧! 另外,駐日本期間,有教授中文的經驗,若有想學習中文的日本朋友或是想讓加強中文口說的朋友也歡迎一同學習哦! 期待您的聯絡!!謝謝 :)

    $20 / 50min
    5・55 Reviews
    4.98・61 Reviews

    I am a certificated Japanese language teacher, have experience on teaching Japanese language in UK , China and Taiwan for 2 years.

    $18 / 50min
    4.98・61 Reviews
  • 早稻田日語碩士/N1滿分/情境會話
    5・1309 Reviews

    您好,我是中日雙母語的りつか老師,您是否有以下的困擾呢? 【一】聽說讀寫發展不均衡,對自己的口說與聽力沒有自信 【二】對日文文法感到困惑,經常會疑惑「A與B意思究竟有什麼不一樣」 【三】想快速考過檢定 【四】想學習如商業日語等專業知識 以上問題都可以交給我來幫您解決!日語專業的老師可以深入淺出地帶您了解日語的奧妙,快來和我一起學習日語的有趣之處吧!

    $33 / 50min
    5・1309 Reviews
  • Study Japanese with Joy
    4.89・9 Reviews

    1) Traveling Japanese,you will not be worried when you go to Japan alone. 2) Oral communication, checking pronunciation. Talk about the movie, drama, comic books, music3)Basic Japanese and preparation for the test grammar or preparation for JLPT

    Study Japanese with Joy
    $13 / 50min
    4.89・9 Reviews
  • 有趣/自由/最滿足你的需求👍
    4.98・293 Reviews


    $18 / 50min
    4.98・293 Reviews
  • 6 years teaching: trilingual
    5・643 Reviews

    Hi! I'm fluent in Japanese, English and Mandarin and have taught Japanese for 6 years! I am now based in Canada and teach online to students from all over the world! My classes are fun and I’ll teach you to speak in natural way. Check me out!

    6 years teaching: trilingual
    $22 / 50min
    5・643 Reviews
  • ★Inspiring Learning
    5・47 Reviews

    Inspiration is the key word of my life, and also my teaching style. There are only fun and useful language learning and communication skills in my class.

    ★Inspiring Learning
    $25 / 50min
    5・47 Reviews
  • language is a key.
    5・1 Reviews

    Hi, I'm Kuma. I'm a nurse. I have been staying in Japan for 6 years. During these 6 years, i went to Japanese school, get my Nursing master degree, married with a Japanese, Got my Japan nurse license and now working at a university hospital

    language is a key.
    $14 / 50min
    5・1 Reviews

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    Why should I learn Japanese on AmazingTalker?

    AmazingTalker’s one-on-one Japanese tutors are suitable for everyone who wants to learn Japanese. We have professional Japanese tutors for toddlers, for kids, for high school students and for adults in all levels. Including beginner, intermediate and advanced Japanese language.

    Our Japanese tutoring service can help you to learn in all aspects of the language - listening, writing, reading, speaking, pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary. You could request to customize teaching tutorial as well (e.g. business Japanese program). If you would like to improve your Japanese conversation skills significantly, or if you’d like to stand out in your test or speak fluently at work, then AmazingTalker’s Japanese tutors can definitely help you!

    How much do Japanese sessions cost?

    On average, Japanese sessions cost $10 - $30 per hour. However, rates vary by tutor’s nationality, experience and popularity. Check out the Japanese session rates in your country.

    How do I find the right Japanese tutor?

    You can find a suitable tutor based on their teaching style, specialty, and your needs. You can also start with top tutors rated by our students.

    Can I find high-quality Japanese tutors at reasonable prices?

    Certainly! You can find a great tutor within your budget. Here is a list of professional Japanese tutors with great prices.

    Who are our Japanese tutors?

    AmazingTalker handpicks only the best local and international Japanese tutors.

    Each of our tutors have to go through a rigorous selection process before becoming an AT Japanese tutor, and their performance will also be constantly monitored. You can select the best online Japanese tutor by evaluating student’s reviews. We also received high ratings from Glassdoor and Trustpilot. You will get the best learning experience from the tutors we recommend!

    How do I find a Japanese tutor?

    If you have a clear idea of your criteria for choosing a tutor - such as cost for Japanese tutoring, nationality of the tutor, learning objectives, etc. - you can use our search function to quickly find a Japanese tutor that suits your needs and contact him or her via our chat room or select “book trial” for your first learning adventure.

    However, if you are unable to find a suitable Japanese language tutor yourself, we can help you with a recommendation. In just 3 minutes, you can receive suitable tuition in Japanese by using our Auto-Match function!

    Should I choose a native speaker as my Japanese tutor?

    One of the best way to learn Japanese is to immerse yourself in an environment where you can only use the Japanese language.

    However, if you do not currently have a solid base of spelling or vocabulary, we would recommend you a tutor for basic levels, and you will be fluent in 3 months by learning with a private Japanese tutor.

    If you have a wide range of vocabulary but lack the opportunity to practice, we would recommend you to choose a native speaker as your Japanese language coach.

    Where can I learn Japanese near me?

    You can learning Japanese with an online Japanese tutor at home anytime! For local tutors, our platform provides Japanese tutors in Ashburn, VA, Annandale, VA, Palmyra, VA, Wolf Trap, VA, Lynchburg, VA, Fairfax, VA, Winchester, VA, West Lynchburg, VA, Ruther Glen, VA, Earlysville, VA, South Riding, VA, Lorton, VA, Yorktown, VA, Virginia Beach, VA, Chantilly, VA, Altavista, VA, Jeffersonton, VA, Carrsville, VA, Chester, VA, Stafford, VA

    When can I learn Japanese with Japanese tutors online?

    As far as time is concerned, you can organize your schedule flexibly. You can learn Japanese with your private Japanese tutor via Zoom or Skype in the morning, evening or even at night in your time zone. If you are not available on weekdays, don’t worry. We have Japanese tutors available on weekends as well.

    How much is the rate per hour?

    All fees and tuition are set by the Japanese tutors themselves, not by AT. Most of our tutors charge USD$10-30 per hour.

    How do I pay for the cost of learning Japanese?

    We accept payment by credit card. In some countries (e.g. Taiwan), we also accept local methods of payment, such as ATM payment or payment at convenience stores.

    What is the feature of AmazingTalker?

    At AmazingTalker, you can learn with high-quality Japanese tutors at affordable prices. We have a considerable number of positive reviews from Facebook, Twitter, Yelp and Reddit.

    AmazingTalker is not like other e-learning platform (e.g. Duolingo, Babbel, fluentu). We have real language tutors and so far more than 60 languages are being taught.

    We have some teachers from famous Japanese learning websites such as Verbling, Preply, Wyzant, Italki, Varsity tutor, Thoughtco, Superpro and Care.com.

    What if I want to become a Japanese teacher at Amazingtaler?

    If you want to teach Japanese online, you can go to our "apply to teach" page. At AmazingTalker, you can teach at your own schedule and set your own rates.

    What if I have more questions?

    Our FAQ page should have answers to most of your questions. You can find the FAQ page at the bottom of the AmazingTalker website. If you cannot find the answers to your questions in the FAQ page, you can contact us here.

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