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20% OFF All Courses! Up to 32% OFF Selected Bundles!
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  • 日本語指導歴10年以上!

    楽に楽しく話しましょう!生徒さんにニーズに応じて適切なレッスンを行います。名古屋2年、東京10年滞在、きれいな標準語で安心できる。 日本語を長年に勉強しても、一級とってもなんとなく話せない方はいませんか? 週に3回の25分会話レッスンがおすすめです。ぜひ よろしくお願いします。

  • 6 years teaching: trilingual

    Hi! I'm fluent in Japanese, English and Mandarin and have taught Japanese for 6 years! I am now based in Canada and teach online to students from all over the world! My classes are fun and I’ll teach you to speak in natural way. Check me out!

  • New life by amazing Japanese

    Hello, I'm Hiroshi. Do you want to find suitable teacher for yourself? maybe you need to contact me or buy a trial lesson. not only give me a chance, but also give you a nice learning experience.

  • Fun conversation and grammar!

    I'm Yurika from Japan. I'm a qualified Japanese teacher. Currently I work for a Japanese language school and teach both beginner and intermediate. My class is very relaxing and interactive. I will prepare lessons according to your need. Please feel free to contact me.

  • Experienced Enthusiastic Tutor

    Hello There! I'm Joann, I have been teaching for 6 years and I would love to help you become more confident and proficient in either Chinese or Japanese.

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  • N1資格、日本で留学


  • Naoki

    A native Japanese teacher(^-^)

    I'm native Japanese and my job is a teacher. I have many experiences to teach Japanese to people from other countries. I can teach you Japanese correct grammar, pronunciation, business Japanese. We can also simply chat about various topics!

  • 日文初級、日語會話、漫畫、卡通

    大家好,我是謝老師。我修完大學碩士課程後,直接在日本擔任高中生的教師。 @0基礎開始,讓您自然學會日文。 @情境式學習,讓您可以輕鬆學習文法與使用。 @從你/妳的喜歡的事物學習,讓您更快進入日文世界。 對日本美食、旅遊、漫畫有興趣的朋友可以來上上看我的課程喔!不限制在課本上,有許多課外讀物讓您上課不無聊!!

  • JLPT/初心者/ビジネス/会話/発音

    皆様、こんにちは。TABEDAです。 父は台湾じんで、母は日本人です。台日のハーフです。台湾の台北生まれ、現在は日本の世田谷区と台湾の台北に住んでおります。 日本でも台湾でも日本語を教える経験を数多く積んでいます。私は日本語の質問であれば何でも答えられますが、主に以下のような内容でサポートできますよ。 ・日常会話 ・旅行で使う日本語 ・ビジネス日本語 ・JLPT(N5~N1) ・正しい文法 ・正しい発音  などです。 《一緒に楽しく日本語を勉強しましょう!》

  • A native Japanese teacher !!

    I grew up in Japan, took MA degrees both in Japan and USA. I've been teaching Japanese for 10 years and I’ve already passed the Japanese Teaching Competency Test. . All levels of students are welcomed. Please let me help support for your success!!

  • Chinese/Japanese languages

    After graduating from Japanese Department of Soochow University,I work in a Japanese electronic company for 12 years. In my free time, I have been teaching Chinese and Japanese language for over 6