Find the Best French Tutor Near Carrollton, VA

Find the Best French Tutor Near Carrollton, VA

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  • 5 years experience

    Hello, it’s Ling from Taiwan. I teach French and Mandarin. I was an exchanged student. I studied in France in 2013/2014. and I also taught Mandarin in France in 2016/2017. I can introduce some French culture, Taiwanese culture and language. If you have any questions, just feel free to send me a message. Hope to see you soon in class. :)

  • Native french speaking

    I am a French native speaking . I would like to help you to improve your french skills.


    My name is Patricia, and I am a native French, Polish and English Teacher with over 10 years experience and an MA in English, French Polish Linguistics and Translations, I am also TEFL (teaching English) and FLE (teaching French) certified.

  • French speaker& TEFL certified

    I am a native French and English speaker with a TEFL certificate. I live in South Africa and currently teach English and French online. I love teaching and help people achieve their full potential. I can't wait to have you in my class :)

  • French tutor : child and adult

    Hi, I am a French tutor for 2-3 years, and I will be a Chinese assistant in France in Oct. 2019. I have the certification of teaching Chinese and the French level B2. I like foreign languages and communication:)

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  • French native teacher

    I am a native french speaker, 31 years old, living in Paris. Very open internationaly. I like to meet new people and if i can help it is even better! Good adaptation and communication Good english

  • 15 yrs of teaching experience

    Hi, I'm friendly and encouraging French teacher with the best results in teaching the adults. I am flexible with the schedule, easy to work with, extremely patient but hard working. I adjust completely my teaching plan to students' needs And the most important thing: I adore French and I will make you feel the same way too!

  • It's all about speaking French

    Acquire linguistic automatisms. Enrich your vocabulary and your mastery of the language. Deepen your knowledge of French culture. Prepare yourself for an exam Help you to trust before a job interview.

  • PROFLE Graduate, DELF Expert !

    Hello! I provide: 1) The Fundamental French Course; 2) Quick Survival Course for travelers; 3) Lessons customized by your order. You may choose whatever way, and I’d like to be your patient guide in guide in French. I hope to meet you soon.

  • French 🇫🇷 (native)

    It's a pleasure for me to teach and make you discover the Molière's language 🇫🇷, which is my first language.

  • 精通中英法文 教你準確表達


  • Parler le chinois avec moi!

    Ching Ching, la professeur de français et de chinois, qui parle le chinois avec l'accent taïwanais. Je pourrai vous expliquer le chinois en français 😃

  • French teacher

    French teacher, Sessions especially tailored to your personal needs.

  • Certified French Teacher

    Hello 1.I provide fundamental French Course. 2.Quick s