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Study SSAT with the
Best English Tutor Near You via Skype

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  • Translator&English Teacher🔥

    👩‍🏫 I've been an English teacher for 7 years and I have lots of experience teaching kids from 4 to 12 years old, as well as teenagers. Fun materials and energetic grammar and conversation classes. I also have trained students for TOEIC for two years now and I have some useful tips to help you.

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  • Fun and Educational!

    Hi lovely Amazing Talker students! I have received such an amazing response from this site, that for the moment I am am NO LONGER ACCEPTING NEW STUDENTS. Please check back in a week to see if this has changed - I would love to help you with your English journey in the future.

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  • 📣U.S.A Accent Masterclass

    Over 25,000 Class Hours! 👩‍🏫ACCENT training to sound like your favorite ✭AMERICAN Movie Stars✭ 🏫10 Years of English teaching experience 📚4 Years Head of English 👔Business Owner, International School.⮑ ✭發音課程將幫助您聽起來像您最喜歡的美國電影明星✔10年在國外教英語✔4年國際語言學校教學✔每天1對1商務會話專業

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  • Test prep + great with kids

    - Guided conversation with news articles - Lessons for children and teens - Pronunciation instruction - TOEFL/IELTS Speaking preparation I tailor all my classes to meet the individual goals of my students. Contact me to let me know what your goals are, and I will come up with a plan just for you ^_^

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    Stories, movies, music, art, food and romance. These are just a few of the things we all love. Let me guide you towards talking about the things you love in natural English. I can help you with all areas of English learning from basic conversation skills, grammar, intonation and stress to poetry, creative writing and more.

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  • Bachelor of Arts in ENGLISH

    I Teach: ✔Intensive Training for IELTS, TOEFL and TOEIC ✔Speaking ✔Pronunciation ✔General English✔Modified Lessons. -For all Levels(kids-adults)- (CHECK my PROFILE for MORE Information about the SUBJECTS)

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  • Ms Mkt/Critical thinking

    🎈Professional linguist: listening and speaking. I offer valuable English training from daily conversation, critical thinking, meeting Q&A to business negotiation. ☆Language, for me, is not just a scale of teaching, but a bridge to know your story, culture and discover the WONDER.☆

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  • 9 years Teaching experiences

    +I have taught for over 9 years with more than 200 students! +Spent about 10 years living and studying in Seattle, USA. +CELTA Golden Teaching Certificate + TESOL Teaching certificate. +Customized learning material, just tell me what you want to learn!

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  • 🔬Science & Conversation

    Struggling to have discussions in English? 💬 Interested in, or planning to study, science? 🔬 You've found the right teacher! Hello! My name is Joey and I am from the USA. I have been teaching English for 4 years in South Korea, Vietnam, and now Taiwan! I teach Conversational English, News Topics, and Science Topics.

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  • Michelle Wang

    Learning English in a fun way!

    * Mandarin-English bilingual * Experienced with students of all ages * Student-centered lesson plan * Common errors in pronunciation and intonation from non-native speakers * Using "Well Said-Pronunciation For Clear Communication" textbook and learning materials * Do you want to sound like a native? I can help!

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  • Teacher for kids and adults!

    Enjoy 50% discounts until March! ✓ Learn conversation with me and speak REAL English! Your personal speaking partner! ✓ Personal lessons and amazing homework. ✓ Practice Accuracy and fluency. ✓ Helped more than 100 students within 7 years to start learning and succeed. ✓ Using the conversational method with kids!

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  • Elevate your business English

    - Native English speaker with an American accent - Easy-going and structured - Ace that interview! Get that salary you want! Impress in a meeting! - Communicate clearly with co-workers - Improve your business English and academic writing skills

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