Study English for Interview Preparation with the Best English Tutor Near You via Skype

Study English for Interview Preparation with the
Best English Tutor Near You via Skype

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  • German and English tutor

    I am an electrician and am currently I am studying service engineering. I enjoy spending my free time in nature, playing football with friends and travelling. That's where my passion for languages comes from.

  • English for the Real World

    Learn practical English conversation spoken by the native English speakers. Different accents listening materials are provided plus additional exercises for you to practice at your spare time. Join now to improve your listening and speaking ability!

  • Speak like a native!

    Hello~ My name is Tammy, I grew up in Canada and I can teach you to speak like a native English speaker by correcting your accent and show you tips on how to speak like a native!

  • I can help you. Book me ASAP!

    Hi. This is Teacher Joan.

  • William&Mary, Speaking, IELTS

    ⧫Teaching English in Mexico ⧫Traveled to 50 countries ⧫College of William & Mary graduate ⧫3 yrs of experience with IELTS & TOEFL ⧫6+ yrs in the USA ⧫Columbia University & University of Cambridge Exchange Student ⧫Polyglot ⧫Lived in Morocco!

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  • Pronunciation Expert

    I specialize in English pronunciation. My goal is to teach you proper tongue placement that will help you sound more like a native speaker - in the shortest time possible. I can also help you with general language practice and fluency.

  • Fluent in 4 languages , EN, CN

    I have studied English in Ireland and the UK, and had 4 years teaching experience of English and Mandarin in children TV Program and private tutoring , also offer Taiwanese and Cantonese lessons

  • Manderin Chinese learning!

    Let’s learn Manderin Chinese easily and happily! Learn the native speakers’ words and accent! Talk like a chinese and have fun in my class!

  • IELTS Exam Preparation!!!!

    Hi! 1) I provide a disciplined IELTS Preparation class. 1) 我提供训练有素的雅思备考课程。 2) I Provide lessons for Business English 2)我提供商务英语课程 3) I am an experienced teacher of young children and adolescents. 3)我是一位经验丰富的幼儿和青少年教师。


    CONTACT ME FOR TIMES OUTSIDE OF MY LISTED SCHEDULE....I MAY BE AVAILABLE! I'm in Beijing time zone and available mornings to early evenings (5pm). Multi-faceted with experience in all age ranges. FREETALK IS MY SPECIALTY!

  • Easy funny English speaking!

    Hi, it's Shailie here. I used to be a learning machine like most of you, only good at exams. I didn't find out my English was that poor until started studying abroad! I have been teaching nearly 500 classes at Amazing talker! Most importantly, learning English is aimed at communicating with people, so don't hesitate to learn English with me!

  • 10'000+ classes 👍

    Top teacher certification, as long as 24 flight lessons, you can speak English/Chinese with foreigners!! I lived in New York and Canada and had a background of psychologists

  • Speaking coach, cost effective

    I’ll do my very best when it comes to language learning-related needs. Language learning coach Roger at your service ^_^ Additional discounts for students with long term commitments, enquire after the trial class.

  • Confidence & Fluency Expert

    ⭐️ 15+ yrs teaching experience ⭐️ Specialise in conversation training ⭐️ Extend vocabulary & depth of expression ? Let's learn English in a fun way, and speak confidently & fluently

  • Qualified and experienced

    I am a British, native speaker of English. I come from London but now live in the North of England. I have been a teacher and director of English schools and worked as a language consultant and in marketing. I love teaching and meeting students.

  • Lucas成人幼兒補教名師🏆

    Learn English with surfer

    • Creating interesting learning environment and motivating students to learn English • Making students clear of grammar concepts and assisting them in writing essays • Encourage students to talk about everything in English and build Creating interesting learning environment and motivating students to learn English •

  • A high teacher in Australia

    I am a high school teacher in Australia and have been teaching online and offline for 7 years. I will give detailed instructions which enable you to understand and participate in the conversation.

  • Speak Spanish Easily!

    Hola! I've been working with Spanish speaking people more than 10 years in trading, cultural & creative sector, at the same time I teach travel spanish, commercial spanish