Learn Chemistry with the Best Chemistry Tutor Near You via Skype

Learn Chemistry with the
Best Chemistry Tutor Near You via Skype

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  • Vlad Baird

    Tutor With 5 Years Experience Focused On Standardized Tests, Chemistry, Science, And Humanities

    Chemistry is one of those sciences that usually gets taught one of two ways - equation based or example/logic based. What throws students off is when their teacher picks or favors the method that doesn't work well for them, or the teacher g...View more

  • Brian C.

    An Enthusiastic, Passionate, Bilingual, And Organized Tutor!

    I have been tutoring in chemistry for the past 4 years. I believe it's crucial for the student to understand the concepts and to avoid memorization in order to better retain the material taught in physics. I've been taking higher level Cehm...View more

  • Dexter Barrera

    Writing, ESL, Latin, And Chemistry Tutor

    In my undergraduate education I took many courses in physics and did very well in them. In my subsequent careers as an engineer and research biochemist I came to appreciate even more and learned more about this "Queen of Sciences". I tutore...View more

  • Tayler M.

    Learning Support Services - All Subject Areas.

    I have a Masters in Bioengineering and an MBA from the University of Pittsburgh and a Bachelors in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Rochester. My greatest tutoring experience came as a Teacher's Aide on Long Island where I work...View more

  • Anton Sanders

    Tutoring In All Subjects

    I am a current student attending graduate school at Columbia University. I graduated from Yale University in 2011 and upon graduation, joined Teach for America, a non-profit organization whose mission is is to help close the current opportu...View more

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  • Ronaldo Church

    Tried-and-True-Results Chemistry And Test Prep Tutor With 10 Years Experience

    I have a wide range of experiences that I think are valuable for an array of different students in need of some help. Graduating from Manhattan College in May of 2012, I received my bachelor of science in chemical engineering. In addition t...View more

  • Jordyn G.

    Professional, Creative And Wholehearted Tutor

    I am a recent Rutgers University graduate. I studied Psychology, and Pre-Medical Studies and graduated Suma Cum Laude. Additionally, I earned a 4.0 over my college career. I am currently applying to medical schools all over the country, and...View more

  • Inigo Findlay

    Full-Time Academic Tutor (Chemistry, Science, Languages, Computer)

    I have been tutoring since I was in middle school. I have a younger brother whom I tutor on a regular basis. I also have tutored his friends and many of my younger peers. I am great with science these are the classes I have passed with a B ...View more

  • Camden Fraser

    Ivy League Chemistry Coach- Easy Learning,15 Years Of Teaching Experience

    Hello! I am a 26-year-old professional living and working in Upper East Side. I am a published scientist with a B. S. with high honors in Chemistry from UC Berkeley and a PhD. in Chemistry from MIT with five years of teaching and tutoring e...View more

  • Shannon P.

    Prolific Chemistry Tutoring - Learn To Solve In Multiple Ways

    I am currently a student at Columbia University studying Astrophysics and concentrating in Mathematics. I will make sure that you or your child succeeds in whichever field they choose.K-12 education is also a specialty of mine! I have taken...View more

  • Hudson I.

    Serving People And Making A Difference- Tutor

    I have been tutoring Pre-medical students for the past 8 years. My goal is to make the complicated easy and understandable. I try to create a comfortable environment conducive for learning. Every tutoring session will consist of a comprehen...View more

  • Larissa Smith

    Experienced Tutor In Chemistry, Chemistry, Chemistry And English

    I'm a recent Magna Cum Laude Cornell Graduate of Biochemistry, with minors in English Lit and Biomedical Engineering. I am available to tutor: (1) Biology (SAT II/Regents/AP) (2) Chemistry (SAT II/Regents/AP) (3) Physics (SAT II/Regents/AP)...View more

  • Mary Rowley

    Experienced Chemistry/Science/Spanish Tutor

    I am familiar AP Chemistry, and College chemistry courses. Also, with non calculus based AP physics and College level Physics (Glancoli 7th ed) Topics like Kinematics in One Dimension , Speed, Velocity and Displacement , Free Falling Motion...View more

  • Catrin C.

    Ph.D. Candidate Able To Tutor Your Student

    I have tutored students on other platforms in the fields of organic chemistry, chemistry, physics and calculus. I am a graduate of the University of Virginia in the accelerated honors chemistry track with a bachelors' degree in Biochemistry...View more

  • Taylor Krueger

    Graduate Student Available For Tutoring

    My expertise lies in Math for Regents, SAT and SHSAT and Chemistry. By scoring high on the vigorous SHSAT placement exam, I was able to attend Brooklyn Technical High School. In high school I took the AP BC Calculus exam and received a scor...View more

  • Tazmin B.

    Tutor Specializing In Chemistry

    I devote my knowledge and passion to help my students get the best results. I can help you with various areas of math and physics at high school and college levels. Having competed a graduate school, I know what it takes to prepare for a t...View more

  • Adaline Oneal

    Experienced Teacher Available To Tutor - Elementary Chemistry/All Levels For English

    I provide tutoring to high school and college students in maths, chemistry and physics. My Thumbtack profile references are excellent and I received a "Best in 2016" award from Thumbtack based on customer reviews. I have a Ph.D. in chemistr...View more

  • Lacey-Mae W.

    Full Time Finance Professional, Part Time High School/GMAT/Elementary Chemistry Tutor

    I am a professional scientst that loves to teach. I have a Ph.D in chemistry. I help homeschool my kids. I tutor about 3-6 hundred hrs per year through various websites. I tutor chemistry through college, AP physics and algebra 1and 2. I am...View more

  • Lucy Crawford

    Exciting And Engaging Young Tutor

    I have been a private math and science tutor for over 10 years.I have completed several college courses including trigonometry, statistics, chemistry I, business calculus, calculus I, calculus II, multivariable calculus, differential equati...View more