Zlatko Zlatev
Zlatko Zlatev

Zlatko Zlatev

  • English tutor、French tutor

  • SpeaksBulgarian、English、French

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Zlatko Zlatev
Zlatko Zlatev

Zlatko Zlatev

  • English tutor、French tutor

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Hello, My name is Zlatko. I have 10 years of English and French teaching experience. Do you want to improve your spoken English? Do you feel like sounding like a native? If so, you are in the right place. My teaching style is to have natural conversations about a huge range of topics. I always give my students corrections and hints about how to remember as much as possible. We can focus on a different grammar point during a lesson too. The way I explain grammar rules in simple and comprehensible. How does that grab you? Hope to see you soon.

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  • Ting-Ann Lin

    He is very friendly. He gives me many chances to speak English. I have a good time with him.

  • Angela

    Zlatko is a friendly teacher. He asked me about my French level in advance so he can prepare his lesson for me. He didn't know how to operate the tool "Zoom" so well so he didn't use the chatting (wri...

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