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Yeahwon Do

Yeahwon Do

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Yeahwon Do
Yeahwon Do

Yeahwon Do

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Hello, everyone. My name is Yeahwon Do, native Korean. I majored in Spanish Linguistics in University, but I'm also very interested in learning other foreign languages and culture, so now I'm studying Mandarine. After graduation, worked in Shipping company for 4 and half years. I've tried various method when I learnt new languages, I think these experiences may help you to find your own good way to learn language. The most important thing to me is getting familiar with the language, so I sometimes use fun materials (short stories, songs, etc) to get more interested. Actually all my teaching experiences were based on teaching English to Korean high school students, however I believe the same method might work for teaching Korean to foreigners. I also have experiences that I helped foreign students when they tried to learn Korean. While I studied in foreign countries, also had opportunities of language exchange. Based on my previous working experience, I can teach you business Korean and real Korean working culture. Let's have fun while learning Korean! :) > Lecture can be given as : (when the schedule is fixed, please contact me first to arrange your materials) 1. Intro : Listen to the student introducing him/herself. Briefly test the student's level & check the interest or target. 2. Main Lecture (Choose one of below, or can be mixed in a class depending on the situation) - Korean Conversation : Based on the student's level, subject can be differ. When the subject is decided, first we will learn useful expression and related vocabulary in that situation. After practicing some example phrases made by the expressions and vocabularies, student will practice conversation as a 'role-playing' with the teacher. Depending on the student's level, the teacher might speak Korean only during the class (But when needed, also can explain again with English or Chinese) - Free talking class : Choose the subject that the student wants or randomly. Teacher will keep asking about that subject in Korean. It's more like learning presentation about one subject in Korean rather than daily conversation. Depending on the student's level, the subject can be easy or hard. - News Reading : News article will be sent by teacher when the schedule is fixed. Please read the article before class starts. During the class, the student will read the article and the teacher will check the pronunciation and intonation. Also will talk about the topic, and learn vocabularies & expressions. - Pronunciation Practice : Learn basic pronunciation for each Korean characters. + or any kind of subject is available. Just feel free to contact me :)

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  • Anne K

    老師很細心地糾正我的發音, 也會幫我跟母語中文做比對!很淺顯易懂!謝謝老師~~

  • 蘇莎莎


  • anonymous

    老師會教很多常用的商業用語,情境式教學,非常棒! 遇到韓國客戶會非常實用。

  • Ivy

    老師很用心,會提供很多單字,常用的文法句型,並給予口說的練習 中文講解也很清楚

  • GINA



Shipping Liner company in Korea (annonymous)

Support Asia-Europe export/import cargos by vessels (managing in-house operation, pricing, etc)

Private tutor for Korean middle/high school students

Teaching English & Math. Mainly focused on Korean academic test preparation.


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