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I'm welcoming you in our online class. I'll make you feel well-improved in my class after having sessions or packages with me. I have my objectives in my class and modified modules for you, so you won't waste time because what you are paying is a quality English lesson that would enhance your English skills holistically. I hope to see you soon. My objectives in our ENGLISH Class (Professional Tutoring; 1. to enhance listening skills, 2. to practice speaking by reading, (improve pronunciation) 3. to gain more self-confidence, 4. to increase vocabulary words / comprehension skills; and 5. to familiar with English sentence construction.

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  • 李志浩

    In this class, I practiced the mock up IELTS and it is the first time for me. I'm not familiar with the rules. Therefore, I did bad on the time management and the expression. of ideas. I hope I can pr...

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  • 李志浩

    In this lesson, I practice the pronunciation and sentence structure step by step. Although the exercise is hard for me in the beginning, I started to get familiar thanks to Uary's instruction.

  • 李志浩

    It glad to have a group talk. And I glad can talk for 8 mins without preparing.

  • 李志浩

    I like to answer the extra questions that teacher provided. It can train me how to think in English. The training provided by teacher helped me a lot. I hope I can learn more faster.

  • 李志浩

    Teacher gives me several key points of pronunciation that changes me a lot. Besides, there are a lot of questions to inspire me to talk more about my ideas. It's really helpful.


St. Scholastica's Academy Marikina

Teaching computer subject in an EXCLUSIVE school for girls using ENGLISH as a medium of instructions.

San Mateo Municipal College

Teaching English to tertiary level from first to fourth year college students and some other sections teaching computer subjects.

Nuestra Senora de Aranzazu Parochial School

Teaching computer subject in Parochial school using ENGLISH as a medium of instructions

Easter Star Academy's

Teaching English subjects in different levels and computer subjects with different levels of learners.

Itallki Website

Teaching English to different nationalities such as Italian, Japanese, Russian, Chinese, Thai, Koreans, French, Spanish, Cambodian, Colombian, Canadian, Polish, etc.

English Maestro Website

Teaching basic english to advance conversational English to Thai.

Acadsoc Website

Teaching TOEFL, ESL, and conversational English.


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