Teacher David
Teacher David

Teacher David

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Teacher David
Teacher David

Teacher David

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Hi! My name’s David and I’m from London! I’m here because I want to help you succeed with your English. I’ve literarily helped THOUSANDS of students from all over the world. For most students the most challenging part about learning English is SPEAKING! - Do you feel like you constantly have to search in your mind for simple words? - Do you find it difficult to respond quickly to questions? - Do you feel stupid because you can’t express your thoughts clearly and sound like a child? - Do you have a thick accent that makes you feel uncomfortable and stops people from understanding what you’re trying to say? - Are you tired of making the same mistakes over and OVER again? I can help! Not only am I a professional teacher with years of experience, but I’m also a language learner (I can speak Spanish and Italian). Over the years I’ve developed, tested and refined special techniques to help you overcome all of the problems listed above. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced - send me a message and let’s make a plan to help you improve your spoken English! I also co-host a podcast called The Daily English Podcast. This is a daily audio show to help English learners improve their listening skills. Please visit https://www.dailyenglishlearning.com/podcast/ for free listening material to help you improve your English every single day :)

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