Tadeusz Mollin
Tadeusz Mollin

Tadeusz Mollin

  • English tutor、Polish tutor、Danish tutor

  • SpeaksFrench、German、English、Polish、Danish

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Tadeusz Mollin
Tadeusz Mollin

Tadeusz Mollin

  • English tutor、Polish tutor、Danish tutor

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I was born in Poland, but I've been living in Denmark most of my life. Danish is closely related to English, and I've been speaking both Polish, Danish and English since childhood. I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree from a Danish university. But I'm a practical person, who loves the outdoors, so besides teaching philosophy and languages for some years, I've mostly done physical work in organic farming, sailing, and as an official in the Royal Danish Mail. My hobbies are travelling, hiking, swimming, kayaking, and studying languages on a daily basis. Nowadays, I've given up my home in Denmark and travel full time as a "digital nomad" with a favorite winter oasis in Greece, and a summer oasis in Poland, teaching, and learning on line.

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    nice to meet you,teacher Tadeusz Mollin .you are very nice and interesting.the class was great.i learned a lot.thank you so much.



On line Danish Community Tutor (more than 150 hours of tutoring)

AOF Næstved Sprogcenter, Denmark

Danish Teacher (teaching refugees)

University of Aarhus, Denmark

Teaching assistant

Leshan Normal University, China, 乐山师范学院

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