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Stewart L
Stewart L

Stewart L

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欢迎来到Amazing Talker! 我是大家最喜欢的在线英语老师和我的孩子的家庭教师。我住在亚洲,了解学习新语言的斗争。我教了很多年,有丰富的知识和技能来帮助你! 我28岁,我在德克萨斯州的达拉斯出生和长大。我在大学期间学习写作(电影和电视写作),并在几个电视节目和电影上工作的乐趣。我从这个生活转移过来,但我仍然是一个非常活跃的电影/电视观众。 请先在我上课之前先给我一个信息,以便我们能够相互认识。即使在我们的会议完成后,我也喜欢和学生交谈,如果需要任何事情,请随时给我发消息。如果您有任何问题,请求,安排问题,或只想聊天,请告知:-) Welcome to Amazing Talker! I am everyone's favorite online English teacher and a home school teacher for my children. I live in Asia and understand the struggle of learning a new language. I've taught for many years and have a wealth of knowledge and skills to help you! I am 28 years old and I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. I studied screenwriting (Writing for Film and TV) while in university and had the fun experience of working on a couple TV shows and Movies. I've moved on from that life, but I'm still a very active movie/television viewer. Please send me a message first before you book a class so we can get to know each other. Even after our sessions are complete I like to talk with students, so feel free to message me if you need anything. If you have any questions, requests, scheduling issues, or just want to chat, let me know :-) ************************************************** Hello Students! AmazingTalker decided to reduce the time of classes to 50 minutes. I disagree with this change and will still teach 60 minutes. So when booking a class with me, don't worry, we will still have class for 1 hour. Have a good day

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  • Caelyn Fu

    Teacher Stewart is a nice and thoughtful teacher.(if you book his course)He will send you a message about what kind of topic you want to learn or which kind of sutuation you will use English.And after...

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  • 小萍頭

    It was a great lesson! Thank you!

  • 小萍頭

    Thank you for your lesson. You are very patient and friendly. Although I made some mistakes while speaking, he was still patient to listen to me and correct my mispronunciation. See you next lesson!

  • 小萍頭

    This lesson was great, I am looking forward to the next lesson, Thank you!

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White House Beach Resort


Home School Teacher

Home School Teacher for 3 Daughters

CBS Studios - Writers Office Assistant for TV Show

Writers Office Assistant for TV Show

PEHF - Media Director and English Tutor

Media Director and English Tutor for a non profit/non government organization studying indigenous tribe in the Philippines.


Teacher for Online English School

English Tone

Teacher for Online English School


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