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WHAT IS YOUR DREAM? What do you want to achieve with Japanese? Close your eyes and see what's in your future. What do you see? Having a cute Japanese girlfriend? Enjoying your favorite anime in Japanese? Get a great job and living in Japan? Grab the latest manga as soon as it's released? Get a promotion and become a key person in the company? Everything you dream, anything can be true. ---Imagine. What if you're still at beginner level 3 years later. You made a quite amount of effort, but it seems you haven't improved much since 3 years ago. Is that what you want? Of course not. But then, do you realize that's what actually happening to so many, well, too many Japanese learners? ---Languages are the key to a whole new world. And I can see you standing on the other side. You're awesome, you're fabulous. And you've got everything you want. Don't you want to get there? I can help you because I see your future. The future you're living your dream. ---There are hundreds of ways to learn for hundreds of people. Moreover, millions of ways to make it as easy and efficient as possible. Therefore, there's millions way to fail. Please don't fall into those holes. I can guide you to take the right way. My lessons are unique for each one of learners. If you started to see what I see in you, then you're already getting closer to your dream. English gave me so many precious things to me. I know the power of the language. That's why I want you to improve your Japanese. That's why I don't want you to give up. LET'S FIND THE WAY TO YOUR FUTURE TOGETHER! 〓What can we achieve?〓 Do not confuse my lessons with other typical ones. What I teach isn't just the language, but HOW CAN YOU IMPROVE IT FASTEST & EASIEST? To make that happen, you need to know WHAT YOU DO WHILE YOU'RE NOT WITH ME. Every hour and every minute counts to become fluent. And I provide all the information and techniques you need in your daily life. I'll hand you over the key to learn even without me! 〓More about me〓 I'm a successful business person. Specialized in web marketing and promoting, management consulting, future prediction and digital cryptocurrencies. If you seek promotion, a better job, second income revenue or huge automated earnings, I'm the person you want to learn from. Aren't you interested how can I be a CEO of my own company and WORKS ONLY FOR 3 - 4 HOURS A WEEK? Don't pretend you aren't.

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  • Carol Chiu

    優しい先生、授業を終わった後、すぐメッセージをいただいき、ありがとうございます。 老師很溫柔,上課步調不會過快或過慢,若有明確學習需求的同學,須跟老師溝通,並訂定具體的計劃。 老師針對我的需求,給我幾題練習題做反應,因此互動性高。但若希望有系統的學習,也必須先跟老師溝通,才能更有效率。


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