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I am Spanish, from a small city called Alicante. One of my passions is learning languages. I love the feeling of being able to communicate with foreigners in their own language. Nowadays, I am trying to learn some Italian. Apart from languages, I love traveling, reading, listening to music, boxing... I have worked as a language teacher for the last seven years. I have taught: English, Spanish (also experience in DELE preparation) and Chinese. I started in Haikou in 2010 as a Spanish and English teacher and I have been working in this field ever since. After Haikou, I worked in Shanghai for few years. In 2015, I went to Spain to do a master in teaching Spanish as a second language. I worked as a Spanish and Chinese teacher while I was doing it. In August 2016, I moved to Moscow to work as a Spanish teacher. In 2017, I am moving back to China to improve my Chinese in order to do a PhD. Regarding to my teaching methods, I think the main point to study a language is to communicate, therefore I try to work a lot with the pronunciation of my students. If it fails, it doesn´t matter how good your grammar is, you won´t be able to communicate with natives. Besides, I like to compare languages to find common points and differences, so that I can anticipate mistakes. Since my Chinese is quite decent, I may foresee few mistakes. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

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  • Kaori Yin


  • Kaori Yin


  • Kaori Yin

    老師進度依照我的程度,不疾不緩,很有節奏,上起課來能夠心無旁貸。常常讓我口說練習。 Muchos gracias. Muy bueno maestro

  • Kaori Yin

    老師很有耐心解釋我的問題。也會一直重複基本練習直到我沒再犯錯,El maestro tiene pacientes para practice . Hasta no mal.

  • Kaori Yin

    let me practice and correct Spainsh



Teaching English to children. I also was self-employed as a Spanish teacher for university students. I had 2 groups of 10 students each one.

Lingua Tutor

Teaching business Spanish to a company workers. It was a 4 months course.


Teaching Spanish and English to Chinese students. Classes were one to one.


Teaching basic Chinese to Spanish students. I was in charge of selecting and preparing the material for the classes. Online Chinese, preparing YCT3 with a Spanish student. Teaching Spanish to foreigners and refugees.

La Española

Teaching Spanish to Russian students, from beginner to advance level. Preparation courses for DELE B1 and B2 exams. Apart from teaching, we have to create material for the school. Currently working as an online teacher.


Teaching English in China. From young learners to adults. Basic and intermediate level.


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