Paul Ponce
Paul Ponce

Paul Ponce

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Paul Ponce
Paul Ponce

Paul Ponce

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    United States of America

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Hi there. I'm from Miami Beach, Florida (USA). So yes, I love the beach, scuba diving and summer. But when I was a kid, something really cool happened. My family worked for the airline industry. So as a result, I grew up traveling and meeting people from all over the world. This gave me a very broad perspective on the world which - as you can imagine - is very useful for my job. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication and Audiovisual Media and began my career in film and television production as a writer and producer. However, after years of working in multilingual environments, I developed a keen interest in languages and went into language education. In fact, I just love teaching the English language. Over the years, I've trained professionals in business environments, as well as high school and college students. I've even trained language teachers in the use of educational technology. Recently, I've developed a teaching methodology where students improve their English in the context of a conversation by following a few steps. It's called the STORY Method and it helps students to naturally acquire structures, vocabulary and improve pronunciation by first understanding the context of the communication experience. Young children learn their first language contextually. So do people who've recently arrived in a new country. Now, it’s your turn.

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  • Rosalia

    Paul 老師的課真的很有趣,標準易懂的美式英文腔調,老師會和學生一同討論今天的學習目標以及學習上覺得比較困難的盲點,甚至連商業英文及比較專業的議題,都能夠以有趣又生動的方式說明讓學生學習,繪圖也畫得很棒;課後老師會把課堂筆記整理發給學生一份,雖然只是體驗課,但整堂下來覺得很充實又愉快,推薦給喜歡以輕鬆有趣方式學習的學生


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