Nicolò Chiaro
Nicolò Chiaro

Nicolò Chiaro

  • Italian tutor

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Nicolò Chiaro
Nicolò Chiaro

Nicolò Chiaro

  • Italian tutor

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Ciao! I'm Italian and I live in Brazil, where I teach Italian and English in language schools. I'm 25 and I have an MBA in International Management. LEARNING MUST BE FUNNY, I believe, here we're not at a boring school. I love learning and teaching languages and playing with them, discovering similarities and differences in order to grasp the cultural background underneath them. Depending on your level and interests we can completely customize our lessons, from the content to the language we'll be speaking (Italian, English, Portuguese, Spanish). I'm really flexible and open minded, feel free to ask any question! **If you want to have class at a time which is not available in my calendar, just write me a message and we'll find a solution together!

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  • minami

    I really like Nicolò's class! Nicolò's English pronunciation is very easy to understand! And Nicolò is a very bright and patient teacher, I enjoyed talking with him:D I would like to learn more Itali...

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  • Star

    由於今天老師是在外面是課,所以網路連線不太穩定,如果扣除掉老師的網路很不穩、斷斷續續的這個問題之外,耐心的教學、義大利語能力和充足的口語會話練習在課堂上是有的。今天只有網路連線是比較大的缺失。 Sei gentile, cordiale e paziente., pero internet non era buono, quindi non ti ho sentito a volte, è fel...

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  • Sofia Shih

    老師很可愛,基礎入門的部分,可以多跟老師討論喜歡的內容。鼓勵學生不要怕錯,要多說多講~ 也很願意交換文化的部分:) 如果有明確想學的內容的話,會很適合和Nicolo一起學習


Aragua Kids - Florianópolis, Brazil

• Activities, workshops and events planning and operations management • Employees selection, hiring and management • Supply management and accounting • Communication on printed and digital social media • "Planet Heroes" project management, in collaboration with AIESEC

The Jodel Venture Gmbh

Managed the launch of the app in Italian market: • Market analysis • Translation to Italian of app and content • Promotion activities planning and execution • Hiring and managing collaborators • Italian communities administration


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