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  • English tutor、Croatian tutor、Serbian tutor

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Hello, hola, zdravo! :) I am Natalie. Born and raised in the UK, but I live in Berlin, Germany. I have two professions. One is, a language teacher, and another is biologist. I've been working as an English teacher for six years, and before that I worked as Biology teacher in high school. I still do some occasional biological projects, mainly related to insects (my favorite animals!). I am SPECIALIZED in: * TEST PREP (TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge exams). I know all the strategies how to pass the exams, what are the requirements, and I even use previous exam questions when we do mock tests. If you are interested, the best thing is to book a trial, where we can talk and make a plan. Please, be realistic! It's impossible to prepare for a test in two - three weeks! * ADVANCED DISCUSSION. If you are an intermediate or higher level, you know that chatting about everyday live is not going to improve your speaking abilities. That's why I like to challenge my students with some unusual and "difficult' topics, such as feminism, censorship, beauty standards etc. * MEDICAL ENGLISH and SCIENCE. Being a biologist, science is something that I love. I also have a medical high school diploma and I know medical expressions in English. If you want to study Medicine / work abroad, I have a great course for you! * CHILDREN. I often say that kids are not lazy, just unmotivated. With a right approach, every kid can speak and enjoy in English language. On the other side, my dear students, if you are not interested in courses I offer, but more into informal tutoring and chatting, here is the list of my hobbies. If you have similar interests, then we are a perfect match! - SCUBA diving, trekking, camping, and nature in general ( I can survive alone in a forest!) - gardening - fitness, weight lifting, yoga, nutrition - learning Spanish, German, Japanese and Turkish (sorry - just a beginner!!) - handcrafts (especially knitting) - calligraphy ("beautiful writing") - making cocktails - playing computer games (favorite - Civilization) See you! Nos vemos! Vidimo se! Ja mata!

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    Professional English, Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian teacher. I offer conversational classes, as well as specialized courses. I create my own material or use textbook.

    Aenfis - escuela de idiomas, Telde, Canary islands, Spain

    Cambridge exam preparation, intensive course. I got this great opportunity to spend summer on Canary islands and to work for one of the most famous language schools in Spain.

    BIBO Global Opportunity

    On - line English teacher. I worked mainly with Asian students. So I know what are the difficulties that you might have when it comes to English language, grammar and pronunciation.

    Lingualand, Pertovaradin, Serbia

    Private language school. Work with children 5 - 15 years old. Work in groups up to 10 students. The most challenging, but also the most rewarding job I had. I followed the school's curriculum, and I gained valuable experience when it comes to working with kids.

    Public high school, Novi Sad, Serbia

    Biology teacher. Work in classrooms. Work with teenagers 17-19 years old. Large groups, up to 30 students.


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