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I am Maryna, a qualified teacher of English and Chinese, two of the most spoken languages in the world. I live in China and work as a teacher and translator, I have been teaching languages since 2011. How do I design my classes? I will focus on your specific needs. First of all, I will listen to YOU, understand YOUR requirements and objectives, YOUR interests and background, then I will ask you to do a placement test (in order to evaluate your grammar, listening, speaking and writing). Based on the results I will develop an individual teaching plan for you, covering topics you are interested in and aspects of language you need to improve. I will be happy to guide you on your road to Chinese or English fluency. __________________________________________________________________________ 说汉语的朋友可以点击下面的链接来看我的视频: 我叫玛丽莎,我住在中国,从事教英语的行业。我大部分的学生是中文为母语的人,所以我在教中国人方面上有丰富的经验。 我会根据你的需要和要求来制定课程计划。 帮到你踏上流利英语之路会让我很高兴.

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  • Wong Pak Yin

    I learnt a lot from this class, many phrases ,verbs or other. And the topic is interesting. I like to discuss some kind of topic like this. Thank you very much.

  • Wong Pak Yin

    Thank you teacher, I learnt a lot from the class. You can speak chinese is really good for me.

  • Виктор

    I hope that I can learn Russian with you in the future. Remember to reply your wechat 0.0

  • sunvivian



爱思索英语艺术培训中心, China, Lanzhou

- teach children aged 5 - 13 years old - prepare lesson plans - create interactive English level tests

English and Chinese tutor

Specialise in General/Business English and Chinese Teach different age groups

Leyi Networks Limited, China

- Localising mobile games and related materials from English/Chinese into Russian - Writing in-game related content (in-game events, system emails etc.) - Assisting with optimization of ad campaigns on Google, Yahoo, and Facebook etc. - Testing in-game content - Cooperating with the design team and assisting in developing in-game interface design and marketing materials (icons, loading screen and download page pictures)


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