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Marilyn Negrete

Marilyn Negrete

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Marilyn Negrete
Marilyn Negrete

Marilyn Negrete

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Mexican Spanish is a beautiful accent and very clean, well-understood type of Spanish. We have a melodic way of speaking. I concentrate on conversational Spanish and improving vocabulary. I believe that to build confidence in speaking and listening to Spanish - it is not necessarily learn all the details of grammar all at once. I am very good at helping new speakers with their pronunciation. I studied computer science and English, and am now a web designer. I have lived in the Mexican states of the Federal District, Oaxaca, Veracruz, Quintana Roo, as well as Italy, Asia and England. I have taught many friends and students conversational Spanish. I teach children in a wide repertoire of settings; currently several infants and primary age level children in Europe and Asia. I am careful to introduce sounds and associate words and actions in Spanish for young learners. I went to Italy to teach Spanish for 3 months, my job was to teach a whole family to Speak Spanish and after 3 months they moved to Spain, all because of me, of course :-) I speak Spanish, English and some Italian. ***IMPORTANT: *** * I´m a TUTOR not a TEACHER, if your are looking for professional classes contact a teacher. • Be punctual, there's no refund. • If you don´t have some Spanish, you should contact a teacher. I can help with PRONUNCIATION and PRACTICING conversational Spanish from a basic level. •I can help you with some grammar practice, but I don’t teach grammar formally. •If you are going to be late to an arranged lesson appointment please message me at least 2 hours before. • If you are late by more than 15 min, the lesson will be canceled, but you still be charged for the time. * If a student is late, the lesson will still end on time

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  • Celia Hsu

    上完課之後跟大家分享優點跟缺點: 前者是,老師的墨西哥口音很好聽,對話也會傾聽學生,讓學生能說出完整的想法,也會適時補充單字。 後者是,老師感覺比較靦腆,如果害怕直接用西文與老師對談的同學,或是一樣害羞的,可以自己參考狀況,或許會有點乾。體驗課的整體節奏比較慢,個人覺得體驗課時我並沒有收穫很多,不過老師很有耐心。



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