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Jen Ko

Jen Ko

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Jen Ko
Jen Ko

Jen Ko

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Why do you think a second language is difficult to learn? You see it as language, but you don't use it in communication. I believed that an efficient way of learning English is by making mistakes. So, dare to speak out. You can make it. I got my master degree of Applied Linguistics (TESOL) and I also have a certificate with (TCSOL). I've been working as an online English teacher for 5 years. I've lived in the U.K. and Australia. I do really love English teaching because it's a kind of achievement for me to see you making progress a lot. I fancy on cross-cultural so that I travelled about 20 countries. I will teach you not only English, but also share my knowledge. I'm very patient and passionate in teaching, and I like to have an interaction with you in the class. To build up your confidence and to encourage you speaking in English is my duty. With me, you'll obtain a lot. I could be your teacher and friend. I teach Chinese Mandarin as well. Although I don’t have that much Chinese teaching experience is as English teaching, I was trained for teaching Chinese as a Second Language. As a native Chinese speaker (I speak standard Chinese Mandarin without strong accent), I'm good at simplified and traditional characters. I could help with your phonics, pronunciation, listening, reading, grammar, and conversation in English and Chinese. All the lessons and materials base on what you need, so talk to me first about your levels and which skills you would like to improve before we start a regular lesson. Notice: *Every regular session takes between 45 to 50 mins! Don't hesitate to contact with me and Welcome to my class!! ^^ 您好!! 我是來自台灣的Jen。教英語約有13年了,我知道不同程度的英語學習者(從初級到進階)在不同的階段所會遇到的問題。所以,為您設計了專屬課程。把學習英語變得簡單又有趣,是我的強項。^^ 為什麼覺得學習第二語言會這麼難呢? 因為您只把第二語言視為語言並沒有真正地用來溝通。 我深信學習英語最有效率的方式就是從錯誤中學習。所以勇敢地說出來吧!您可以做到的! 我有應用語言學的碩士附加英語教學,也取得對外漢語的教學證書。在線上教英語已約有五年。之前在英國及澳洲居住過。我非常熱愛英語教學,因為看到您的進步對我來說是莫大的成就。我也熱愛旅遊,直至目前為止,去過17個國家。所以,我不僅僅是教您英語,也分享我的所見所聞。教學上,我非常地有耐心也非常地熱誠。我也喜歡在課堂上和您有許多互動。鼓勵您和幫您建立對英語的信心是我主要的目的。跟著我學習,您會有很多的收穫。我可以是您的老師,也可以是您的朋友。 我也教華語。雖然我的華語教學經驗沒有像英語教學經驗這麼多,但也曾受訓成為對外漢語老師。中文是我的母語 (我說的非常標準,沒有很重的口音喔!),我可以讀簡體及繁體字。 英語和華語的發音、聽力、閱讀、語法和對話有點難? 別遲疑,問我就對了! 所有的課程及教材都會以您的需求而定,所以在正課開始前,請先和我討論您的程度,還有您想加強的方向!! 注意: 每一堂課為45至50分鐘! 歡迎和我一起學習英語及華語!!^^

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