Ivan Isaza Valeri
Ivan Isaza Valeri

Ivan Isaza Valeri

  • English tutor、Spanish tutor

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Ivan Isaza Valeri
Ivan Isaza Valeri

Ivan Isaza Valeri

  • English tutor、Spanish tutor

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Need to present the TOEFL? Sure! Want to learn English? Sure! Want to learn Spanish? Sure! Together, we can accomplish great things. FUN is the recurring word in my lessons, and I PROMISE to get at least one smile out of you during them. I have been an English and Spanish teacher for 13 years, and I have been teaching online for almost 2 years now. Come join me!

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  • Jenny

    Thanks for sharing me some useful tips about TOEFL test. If I will take an exam next time. I will follow your advice!

  • 陳雅惠


  • Patty Huang

    Ivan is a energetic and experienced teacher. I took TOEFL lesson. Ivan was very patient and willing to share the TOEFL test skills to me. I will keep booking Ivan's TOEFL lessons to improve my skills.


Cengage Learning

· In charge of the English as a Second Language Account across South America. · University contacts all over Latin America for special events, conferences, etc. all across the country

Your Educational Services - Yes!

· Planning and development of classes in a timely manner, seeking to improve students’ motivation and learning curve. · Coordinate classes for the Saturday Program, ensuring smooth development of exams, classes and special School celebrations and events. · Supervise monthly exams for Weekday Program.

First Class English

ENGLISH CONSULTANT / PROJECT MANAGER FOR PACIFIC RUBIALES CORPORATE UNIVERISITY | FIRST CLASS ENGLISH · (As E.C.) Teach, as one of five Core Teachers, the Colombian Air Force program. · (As P.M.) Supervise the pace of each ongoing program and find suitable solutions if and when said program’s pace was compromised. · (As P.M.) Train and instruct teachers, when necessary, in logistics and academic-relevant matters for the successful development of the courses.

First Class English

EXAMS DIVISION COORDINATOR · Coordinate International tests of English Proficiency with and for various Universities and companies around the country, including but not limited to: Avianca, Pacific Rubiales Energy, United States Embassy, DHL, Banco de la República, El Bosque University, La Sabana University, UniNacional, La Salle University, amongst others. · Woe in new private and public companies, Universities and Schools through Marketing strategies.

YEAH! Community College

· English teaching with emphasis on the 4 different skills of English, with Natural Approach Methodology.


· English teaching with provided material, focusing on each students’ weaknesses, as well as strengths.


· Responsible for screening English proficiency for potential Toptal Developers, Designers, and Financial Experts.


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