Ibrahim Mustafa
Ibrahim Mustafa

Ibrahim Mustafa

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Ibrahim Mustafa
Ibrahim Mustafa

Ibrahim Mustafa

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I'm an experienced online Arabic, Tajweed and Quran teacher. I graduated from the Faculty of Education and the Center of Ashakh Ahmed AL Maasrawy in Egypt. I teach general Arabic and, also, I'm a professional Tajwid and Quran teacher. I've been teaching Arabic, Quran and Tajweed online since 2013. I worked at the Al Ibanaa Institute for teaching Arabic to non-Arabs from 2008 to 2013. From 2010 to 2013, I worked at the Asraj Al Moneer Institute for Quran, Tajweed and Islamic studies. Finally, I worked at the Sebawa Center as an Arabic and Quran teacher from 2013 to 2014. I can teach Arabic, Tajweed or Quran at all levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced; and across all age ranges too, from children through to adults.

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  • Yi-Ting Lu (ileo)

    老師他非常用心,有準備當地學生使用的阿語教材書給學生用,由於我還不太熟悉字母,老師除了帶我一個一個學習字母外,也特別注意糾正我的發音,因為阿拉伯語有很多音是中文沒有的,所以對一個母語是中文的人而言,學起來又特別困難。即使體驗課的三十分鐘到了,老師還是想把他想教的全部教完 (當然他有問我還有沒有時間),老師也教了字母自己的音跟它在單字裡的發音,還有加上符號之後的變音,整堂課下來,獲益良多,覺得自己又...

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Al Ibanah center for teaching Arabic and Quran

I worked as a Quran teacher and an Arabic speaker for non-Arabic speakers at the Ebeneh Center

Al - Siraj Institute

She worked as a teacher of the Qur'an and some Islamic subjects and principles of Arabic

Sibuya Center for Arabic Language Teaching

I worked as a teacher for teaching Arabic to non-native speakers

Arab Studio Center

She worked as a teacher of the Qur'an and the principles of Arabic


I am a teacher of Arabic and Quran


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