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I would like to teach students at the age of 12th to + 60. I am an enthusiastic online non-native English teacher. I have been teaching English online since 2010. I have taught children as easily as grownups. I hold a master’s degree in teaching from the University of Wroclaw, Poland, Philology, Linguistics Jul 1974. After 40 years of teaching in traditional classroom settings, I grow into an experienced online professional tutor. I specialize in Conversational English. I also prepare, for various tests, including the Cambridge and Oxford standardized exams. I take advantage of new technologies. My approach is Teaching English with Technology. I use blended learning, flipping the classroom, learning by teaching or promoting change from passive to fully active learners are essential implements in my teaching/ scholarship. I teach English as a foreign language. I also conduct lectures in English on Polish History and Culture for students from all over the globe. I spent almost ten years in the USA and became an American Citizen in 2000. I have been participating in online teacher training courses since 2010. I am striving to involve students in all kinds of activities like connecting and exchanging information. I find Virtual Classes tremendously exciting and challenging; they make attendees feel like having real meetings and discourses. Visual and audio tools that can be shared among participants are primarily significant in any classroom environments.

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    I am totally agree with the essay that you write, I learnt a lot in the class, thank you very much

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POSITIONS FROM 1976 TO 2014 AT THE DEPARTMENT OF FOREIGN LANGUAGES Senior Lecturer Wrocław University of Science and Technology 1. October 1st, 1976 Assistant Professor 2. 1980 Senior Assistant Professor 3. 1986 Lecturer 4. 1995 – 2000 Senior Lecturer at Polish-American Postgraduate Study of Communication and Management at Wrocław University of Science and Technology 5. 2000- 2014 Senior Lecturer in Polish History and Culture for students from all over the world at Wrocław University of Science and Technology 6. October 2013 - 2014 a freelance Senior Lecturer 7. 2000- 2013 Public Relation Representative for the Department of Foreign Languages 8. Retired in October 2013


Premium English Teacher on WizIQ: 2010 to 2016 English as a Foreign Language, Conversational English Classes. Asynchronous learning/educational activity is linked up with synchronous. I really enjoy live sessions as WizIQ allow teachers and learners to communicate efficiently live. In the virtual classroom on WizIQ, I can use excellent tools, which make the meeting's content-rich through live sharing. The most powerful instruments for me are: • Quality audio and video broadcasting • A Live Chat • PowerPoint, PDF, Spreadsheets, Document and Flash file sharing • Whiteboard space • Emoticons • Control Privileges for the teacher


I provided synchronous distance learning services to TutorABC (a) “Regular Session”: a 45-minute long Session; with a maximum of 6 clients; (b) “25-Minute Session”: a 25-minute long Session; with one client. There are 12 levels of Learning English • Regular Session (Adult) • Regular Session (Junior) Latest 50 Session Average Rating 9.61/10.00


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