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Fiona Munro

Fiona Munro

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Fiona Munro
Fiona Munro

Fiona Munro

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Hello. Congratulations on deciding to take lessons to improve your English. First, let’s talk about BUSINESS ENGLISH. Why is it different from General English lessons? It is not just about formal versus informal vocabulary. Let’s talk about what the 2 most important considerations are when speaking English as a second language. One – Can I express myself accurately enough so that international colleagues and clients understand me? Two – Can I understand specifically and accurately what they are instructing me to do or requiring from me? If you misunderstand someone in a Business environment, it could impact negatively on your career. I am bilingual. I am a native English speaker and I can also speak Afrikaans. It is vital when speaking a second language that you can understand what people say to you and express yourself correctly to them. My Business English lessons focus on vocabulary, listening and speaking by using resources specifically targeted at a business environment. You will learn phrases that will help you to perform better in conference calls, meetings or negotiations. You will learn Business idioms and phrases that will help you understand a native English speaker better. Secondly, what is ACADEMIC ENGLISH? This course is to help your prepare for exams. It covers all 4 of the English skills. You will learn HOW to write a coherent report, formal letter, etc. Good writing is a skill and needs to be taught, not just practiced repeatedly with no clear idea of what you are trying to achieve. We will practice intonation when speaking so that you sound more natural and fluent. I don’t want you to sound like you have rehearsed everything so often that you sound like a robot. I have experience teaching preparation for IELTS and Cambridge exams. The third course I offer is GENERAL ENGLISH. I want you to speak, even if you make mistakes, in a comfortable and safe environment. Native speakers notice immediately when you don’t use the correct conjugation when you are speaking to them - you don’t use articles, you use the incorrect preposition or you make mistakes with tenses that makes it difficult to understand what you are saying. This is embarrassing for you and I don’t want you to be embarrassed. I want you to feel confident when you speak. I am patient and very sympathetic. I will correct you and help you to use the right words and grammar. With me, you will discuss many different topics so that you can quickly improve. To sum up, I am here for you. You will learn grammar, new vocabulary and pronunciation in every lesson with me. Choose which course is the appropriate one for you and I will be with you every step of the way on your journey. All of my students get 24 hour access to an online ESL Student Management System, with a personal username and password, to complete Homework Assignments, review Lesson Summaries and track their Progress. 首先,我們來談談BUSINESS ENGLISH。為什麼與普通英語課不同?這不僅僅是正式的和非正式的詞彙。我們來談談在說英語作為第二語言時,最重要的兩個考慮因素。一個 - 我可以表達自己的準確性,以便國際同事和客戶了解我嗎?二 - 我可以明確地,準確地理解他們指示我做什麼或要求我嗎? 如果您在商業環境中誤解某人,可能會對您的職業產生負面影響。 我是雙語的我是一個英語母語的人,我也可以說南非語。說到第二種語言,你可以了解人們對你的看法,並且正確地表達自己,這是至關重要的。 我的商務英語課程通過使用專門針對商業環境的資源來關注詞彙,聽力和口語。您將學習能幫助您在電話會議,會議或談判中表現更好的短語。您將學習商務習語和短語,以幫助您更好地了解母語的英語演講者。 其次,什麼是ACADEMIC ENGLISH?本課程旨在幫助您準備考試。它涵蓋了所有4種英語技能。您將學習如何編寫一個連貫的報告,正式的信件等。良好的寫作是一種技能,需要被教導,而不僅僅是反复練習,不清楚你正在試圖實現什麼。說話時會練習語調,讓你聽起來更自然和流暢。我不想讓你聽起來像你經常排練一切,聽起來像一個機器人。我有經驗教學準備雅思考試和劍橋考試。 我提供的第三個課程是一般英文。即使你在一個舒適和安全的環境中犯錯誤,我也想讓你說話。當您與他們交談時,您不會使用正確的共軛語言,母語者立即通知您 - 您不使用文章,您使用不正確的介詞,或者用時態錯誤使您難以理解您所說的話。這對你來說很尷尬,我不想讓你感到尷尬。當你說話時,我希望你有信心。我很耐心,非常同情。我會糾正你,並幫助你使用正確的單詞和語法。與我一起,您將會討論許多不同的主題,以便您可以快速改進。 總而言之,我在這裡。您將在每一課中學習語法,新詞彙和發音。選擇哪個課程是適合您的課程,我將與您在旅途中的每一步。 我的所有學生可以通過個人用戶名和密碼24小時訪問在線ESL學生管理系統,完成家庭作業分配,審查課程摘要並跟踪他們的進度。 Best regards, Fiona.

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  • Angeia Kuo

    Fiona is very friendly and give clear instructions. She also corrects my grammar and word choice when necessary.

  • 蘇家弘

    Fiona teaches very well .She has enough patience and passion ,she does not hesitate to give you the answer or help

  • Kevin Huang

    Very kind and helpful teacher, She can customize your lesson. Recommend to join her class.

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