Edmar Dweezle Quinsay
Edmar Dweezle Quinsay

Edmar Dweezle Quinsay

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Edmar Dweezle Quinsay
Edmar Dweezle Quinsay

Edmar Dweezle Quinsay

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Hi! I'm Edmar and I've been teaching English for 4 years already to young and adult learners from different countries like China,Taiwan,South Korea and Japan. Now, I am currently working as an English Teacher and Planning Department Manager in Hebei, China. I believe that learning English should be fun that's why I make sure that my students are having fun in my class. Let's be friends and let's study English together! :)

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  • anonymous

    Today I'm share my lunar new year plans and all my work experience to Edmar. Thank you for Edmar to like. Then we continue to study a new lesson that is about difficult questions. Finally, Edmar give ...

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  • anonymous

    Today we talk about life before class, and then continue to complete the interview course. Have a nice day~

  • anonymous

    Today I share all my win prizes from year-end party. Then Edmar directs the basic grammar homework for me. Finally, we are reture to ppt file and study about Interview Questions, it's very interesting...

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  • anonymous

    Today I finished 10 courses again. Although I feel under the weather, but when I back home, after eatting I go to bed to sleep one hour, so my spirit is very well. I'll be to buy new course for Edmar...

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  • anonymous

    There some mistakes in my grammar homework. Thank you for Edmard teaches the correction circumspectly. Today course is "Making Changes to an Invitation" and I had practice many sentences.


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