Dr. Adel Aladl
Dr. Adel Aladl

Dr. Adel Aladl

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Dr. Adel Aladl
Dr. Adel Aladl

Dr. Adel Aladl

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Hello, I am Dr.Adel Ibrahim Aladl, from Egypt, I have got a doctorate in Arabic language, at literary criticism, rhetoric and Islamic contemporary literature, from The Faculty of Arts, Banh University, I practice teaching the Arabic language for more than twenty years, I have a degree in teaching Arabic language to non-native speakers from The faculty of Education, Mansoura University, also I have got a diploma in science of Koran readings from Al-Azhar, so it gives me great pleasure helping you in learning quran recitation and Arabic language, words, sentences , reading, writing , grammar and conversation, through some specialized books such as "Arabic between your hands". Thank you. - Conferences and Researches - I have taken part in a conference of the Faculty of Art, Cairo University, February 2015, entitled " Arab heritage, New review "with a paper called : " Al – Teaan in the balance of Criticism ". Note: "Al- Taean" are Abo- Tammam and Al- Buhtory. - I have also taken part in a conference in Faculty of darelom, Al-Fayaum University, March 2015. entitled: " The effort of the Egyptian Scientists to serve Islamic and Arab heritage, with a paper called: "aesthetics of the Islamic and Arabic Literature" for professor Saad AbulReda, display and viewing. - I have also taken part in a conference in " Culture and Civilization centre" , Esmaelia, Sewise Canal University,April, 2015, with a paper called : "The Islamic heritage in The poetry of Taher Al-Atabany. - The Islamic International Magazine "displayed my phd. degree (Doctrine ) in the Issue no : 81, 1435-2014. - I have also puplished a research entitled : " lordliness and beauty of the " Divan : I am Muslem " for the poet , Mohammed El- Tuhamy , in Issue : no : 87 in the year 1436 - 2015, in the International Islamic Literature . "

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    老師講課太激動了...有一種快要把電腦翻過來的感覺, 有好幾次都想跟老師講請她冷靜一點。講話速度太快, 請老師講慢一點還有一點不太耐煩的感覺。老師對zoom不太熟悉,建議老師可以多練習一下...。優點是老師會一直重複念句子給你聽, 一直念到你煩為止。(同樣的句子大概念了15次以上吧...) 老師會要求你直接在課堂上背起來,所以會唸到非常非常熟為止。整堂課學習的句子不多,但是課後確實都記起來了......

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Ministry of Education , Aga , Dakhlia, Egypt

- Head teacher in Arabic language and Islamic education, Ministry of Education. Dakhlia, since 1997 till now.


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