Dana Cruz
Dana Cruz

Dana Cruz

  • English tutor

  • SpeaksSpanish、Mandarin Chinese、Tagalog、Pilipino、Portuguese、English

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Dana Cruz
Dana Cruz

Dana Cruz

  • English tutor

  • Speaks

    Spanish、Mandarin Chinese、Tagalog、Pilipino、Portuguese、English

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好日子我的名字是Dana老师,我出生和长大 在菲律宾,我有哲学硕士学位 我曾经是2个广播电台的在线广播电台 在美国,我对教学充满热情 现在一个在线ESL教练的孩子和成人, 我教:一般英语,孩子英语,会话 英语,基本语法和商务英语,在一个 中国家庭我得到了导师我的一些侄子和 侄女与他们的大多数学科在学校,我教过 中国/韩国,西班牙和德国人从6-60 +年龄 我是一个技术,我喜欢在我的电脑上工作和使用技术 作为一种方式给你乐趣和充满活力的学习方式 所以再次这是老师Dana我会在课堂上见到你, 并有一个愉快的一天。 Good day my name is Dana, I was born and raised In the Philippines, I have a master's degree in philosophy I used to be an online radio station announcer for two radio stations In the United States, I have a passion in teaching Now an online ESL coach for kids and adults, I teach: general English, kid's English, conversation English, basic grammar and business English, I grew up in a Chinese family I got some tutor my nephews and nieces, I have taught Chinese,Koreans, Spanish and Germans from 6-60+ ages I am a techy, I like to work on my computer and use technology As a way to give you a fun and energetic way of learning So again this is the teacher Dana I'll see you in class, And have a nice day.

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  • Luara Conrado 宁静月

    Was a fun lesson with Dana.

  • Novia

    Dana is nice teacher and sharing how to learni English skills in class. Thank you.

  • Mina Wen

    Dana corrected my pronunciation and showed me the course content. She is a nice teacher.

  • 鄭守柔

    More words I haven't seen, more fun there! I will remember how to pronounce "etc".

  • 侯佳彣

    老師很親切可愛活潑,對話沒有壓力也不會冷場!聊得很開心! 先透過一些教材確認我們的程度,然後還有一些free talk的部分,邊講也會邊提供正確的用法,讓上課者知道怎麼樣講更道地,很有收穫!



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