Cynthia Orellana
Cynthia Orellana

Cynthia Orellana

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Cynthia Orellana
Cynthia Orellana

Cynthia Orellana

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¡Hola! Mi nombre es Cynthia Orellana Acuña. Soy profesora de inglés y español. en Chile, también estudie turismo y tengo un diplomado en enseñanza del español. He trabajado durante más de cinco años en esta área y ¡me encanta! !Nunca voy a cansarme!. Te invito a que comiences conmigo este nuevo viaje. Hi! My name is Cynthia Orellana Acuña. I have been teaching English and Spanish, for five years, in Chile,I also studied tourism and I have a degree in teaching Spanish as a second language, I love my job ! I will never get tired!. I invite you to begin this new journey with me. He estado enseñando español desde el 2009. He enseñado todos los niveles de enseñanza, desde niños muy pequeños hasta adultos mayores, incluso con personas con necesidades específicas, como por ejemplo, el español de negocios. Me adecuo fácilmente a lo que el estudiante desea conseguir preparando mis clases de distinta manera para cada estudiante. Mis clases se caracterizan por ser entretenidas, dinámicas y fáciles de aprender. Mis objetivos para todos los estudiantes es que manejen la lengua con las 4 habilidades perfectamente dominadas (escribir, hablar, escuchar y leer), y que sentarse a aprender español sea un desafío y no una rutina.

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  • azulcelia07

    這是老師的第一堂課,對於電腦的使用有些不熟悉,所以花了比較多的時間在技術問題之上,不過對於課程滿負責任的,或說,是真心想要把課上好,因為後來解文法題的時候,即使多出許多課外的時間了,老師還是很盡責的講解,回答正確時還會給大大的讚美,讓人很感動。 不過語速有些快,傾聽的時候也比較多,我的上課主軸又在於文法,口語的部分可能就沒有練習到這麼多。推推認真負責又親切!



Spanish online classes High performance in classes performed, through the online platform. With high academic level professionals who have managed Spanish as a second language in a short period. Active participation in the promotion of the company to achieve the incorporation of new students, reaching a total of 70 interested.

The language Company

Assist native English-speaking teachers to fluently speak Spanish for work in Chile, in periods of two to three months. Also, teach the language to executives of international companies. Due to the work done many of these people have succeeded in inserting themselves successfully in our country

Centro Chileno Canadiense

Spanish classes to business people. From January 2012 to January 2013 Help business people, mainly Canadians to improve their Spanish and, thus, to get inserted in our country. They worked individually and in groups. In a period of no more than six months, students could work with their Spanish.

Woodward Chile

Spanish classes Helping foreigners from all over the world, from tourists to businessmen. Evaluate and teach multilingual groups. In addition to the teaching activities, it was necessary to accompany them to different recreation activities that facilitated their insertion in the country.


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