Coral Sherwood
Coral Sherwood

Coral Sherwood

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Coral Sherwood
Coral Sherwood

Coral Sherwood

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Hi! My name is Coral Sherwood! I am a bubbly, active and creative lady. I enjoy drawing, listening to music, cooking and learning new things. I grew up in a bilingual household. My mom or "mami" like we called her, immigrated to the country where she met my dad or "papi". My mom only speaks the Spanish language, while my dad speaks both English and Spanish, so I was exposed to two different cultures at a very young age. At home, I spoke Spanish with my family and at school, I spoke English. When I was 14 years old, I had the privilege of learning American Sign Language. I remember it took me about six months of intense practice and study to build enough confidence to have a conversation with someone. That experience gave me insight on what it feels like to learn another language. I remember what made the learning process easier and now I use that with my students. I started tutoring English informally when I was 16years old. Three years later I got certified to become a professional teacher. I have my TESL and TEYL certifications. I have 2 years teaching experience and I have taught people of all ages, with different skills and interests. I have learned to adapt my teaching skills to each individual based on their abilities and talents. I help my students develop vocabulary by using images and flashcards that will help them make a connection with their mother tongue in order to retain them easier. Conversational skills are very important to develop confidence when learning a new language and we practice this through dialogue, reading and comprehension. I am very creative and I try my best to personalize each lesson to each student. I believe learning another language is entering a whole new world and I would love to discover it with you! :)

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    Carol is awesome, patient, enthusiastic and talkative. I am so happy to practice English with her. 這位老師很讚耶~超健談、超熱情的,而且會適時糾正學生的文法,會針對學生的需求做課程的調整與練習^^, 上課也會分享很多很多小故事,上得很開心!!很推薦!!


RE/Max Real Estate

I was responsible to greet possible clients and introduce them to the company and what we had to offer. Our company was part of an international organization, so we met people from all over the world. Data entry, research and writing and blogging were also part of my daily chores.


I work as a certified ESL teacher. I teach English to children, teenagers and adults.


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