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Hi, I am Kathy, I've been teaching foreign languages since 2010, however I came to the decision to become a full-time language tutor only a few years ago. Along the way, I worked with more than 100 various students, met a lot of language enthusiasts across the globe and made friends with them =) ____________________________________________ Welcome to you Personal GERMAN/ ENGLISH/RUSSIAN learning Journey! Every single language has its own soul and mastering it is an enjoyable and unique journey into the depth of a foreign culture that will change your vision forever. Every personality brings different goals, skills, particular interests to that voyage. Consequently, at our first lesson I will spend the time listening to YOU, YOUR language learning goals and objectives, YOUR likes and dislikes, YOUR background. _____________________________________________ Speak from day 1. My Teaching Methodology is a little bit different from others. And it WORKS! Currently I am self-learning French using this Methodology. And, I may say, only after 4 months of learning it, I've reached B1 level. So dear All, If you need one of the listed languages "for yesterday" ASAP, I will surely assist you with that. _____________________________________________ Find The Teacher Who will Inspire You. I am very grateful to all the kindred spirits who have studied with me, and welcome new students! Your Time Is Priceless, welcome on board! _____________________________________________ *In life, you get what you pay for. The most effective teachers may have slightly higher rates, however they can help you reach your goal faster.Your time is precious, think about what is best for you. * Lessons are to be canceled 19 hours in advance. Of course, there is always room for an emergency, but please notify me at least 12 houra in advance, so that I could reschedule my day.

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  • Alice


  • Wu Jing Yu

    thank you! I will practice more

  • Linda

    It really surprised me that though I haven't taken German class for two weeks or so, I still remember most of what I've learnt! Kathy's teaching method is really outstanding and practical !!!


    Teacher Cathy is so great! I really enjoy the class:)

  • Linda

    enjoy my German class as usual! Thanks Kathy for always being patient to me:)



Teaching German and English languages online, worked with more than 100 students

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I successfully passed a practice as a translator.


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