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大家好,我是Candy!我來自中國上海,目前居住在日本橫濱市,從事IT方面的工作。我平時喜歡看書,看電影,旅遊以及做料理。我會說中文普通話,英文和日文,目前在學習西班牙語。希望可以在學習語言方面幫到你。 我在線上以及線下提供中文與日語教學已將近兩年,我目前提供以下幾種教學服務: 1. 配合以下教科書,有計劃的教學。 *大家的日本語(全世界日語學習者都最喜歡的以會話練習為主的綜合教材,有初級上下和中級上下) *新編日本語 *Genki 1&2(針對英語學習者) *新標準日本語 初級上下,中級上下(在中國大陸最受歡迎的日語教材之一) 2. 針對JLPT N5~N1考試的輔導。 我準備有非常豐富的學習資料和模擬題,找我分享吧~ 3. 會話練習 4. 語法綜合講解 5. 詞彙綜合講解 6. 敬語學習和練習(這個部分包括了商業e-mail的書寫教學和練習) 7. 一起讀新聞! >> 目前不提供的服務有:任何形式文檔的翻譯,校對,修改。 期待與你相見!祝學習進步! Hi, there! This is Candy who is from Shanghai, China and currently living in Japan^_^ I like to talk to people and to make them laugh. After I graduated from university with a PhD degree in Physical chemistry, I gradually realized that communicating and helping people suit me much more strongly as opposed to doing academic research work alone. I love people and I have a fervent passion for languages and cultures. I can speak English, Chinese, Japanese and a little Spanish. I personally believe that the best way to master a foreign language is to expose yourself to it at every opportunity and simultaneously push yourself to use it as much as possible. Writing a regular diary note is an excellent approach, though, applying what you have learned from textbooks or lessons requires great perseverance, endurance and dedication. In comparison, conversing with native speakers under relaxing circumstance is way more fun to hone language skills. Nelson Mandela once said, "If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head; if you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart." It strikes a chord with me and is motivational in my quest to learn more languages. With my learning experience, now I hope I can share my views on the world and my passion for languages with you, as well as helping you learn Chinese and Japanese. I used to study International Education in the Univeristy of Manchester where I got a certificate. For my future students, you, please do not stop learning, as a Chinese proverb goes: "Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself." IMPORTANT Notice: 1. I can speak English, Japanese or Chinese in the lessons, but I am not able to teach in Spanish; 2. Please do NOT request the Japanese lesson if you are already at an advanced level since I am NOT a native Japanese speaker and I hope you can find a more compatible tutor. Thank you and see you soon!

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